For B2B Marketing It’s More Than The ROI

marketing, social media platforms, digital marketing
marketing, social media platforms, digital marketing

Do you know all these social media platforms?

It’s not always about the ROI in B2B marketing.  As a business owner, it’s hard to spend money if the return isn’t clearly defined, especially if you are an up and coming business.  Every dollar counts!  However you have to think long term and you have to be effective at marketing.

Looking beyond the ROI

B2B social media & digital marketing is on the rise.  This year it seem B2B companies that didn’t think about social media are realizing effective efforts can pay off, just not with concrete ROI’s.  Marketing managers will do what they can to offer data, but data doesn’t offer the full picture.

Social Media and Digital Marketing is a long term strategy building over time.  Just like you take care of customers and continue to build a relationship, you are building an online relationship.  Data and analytical data will increase over time, but there will always be an unknown amount.  Getting over the fear of the unknown will help your business grow!

As a business owner you are already good at looking and thinking outside the box, so why is social media such a paradox?

Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn is the first start any B2B business can get behind.  Your entire office and team can and should be on LinkedIn working the platform for growth.  Sharing office content, curating content, and engaging in the discussions are the quick descriptions and only a few of the opportunities you have on the platform to increase your brand visibility.

While this is just one of many platforms out there, any marketing professional can work with you to create a strategy and plan.