What’s Content Marketing if you don’t Distribute it

customer experience, content marketing, marketing strategy
customer experience, content marketing, marketing strategy

Are you marketing your content to attract the audience?

Content marketing is a great tool to turn your business into an expert on the subject.  Your content strategy will have you posting content on a regular basis that is researched and geared towards your ideal audience.  Now that you have all this content, are you sharing it?

Does your Audience Know?

Content on a website is great, but who’s seeing it?  Does your audience know how to absorb it?  It stands to reason after telling you to do content marketing it’s time to now promote on social media.  Which does mean more work, however the promoting is what gets eyes and people back to your website.

Content in blog form takes on a life of it’s own.  Once published, it’s now a matter of sharing and promoting so people see it and they also share it.  Both the content writer and the marketing (sometimes the same person) need to make sure that the material is share-able.

Marketing and Promoting your Content

Spending just as much (or more) time marketing your content is crucial to gain momentum in your industry and drive traffic back to your website.  As those people come back to your website, you have prime eyes to generate warm leads through your content.

Your marketing efforts can span the full spectrum of social channels your business engages.  Know the platform and your audience before sharing.  They value good content, so you want to make sure what you entice them with as an opener matches what they are about to read.