It’s time for a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Did you remember all the steps in your marketing?

How many of you are on more than 3 social media platforms?  Like most business owners, you dove into various social media platforms head first.  Have you been measuring your engagement and ROI within the platform?  There are lot of details that go into successful social media/digital marketing strategies.  While hiring an in-house person or outside agency will provide the most successful path, there are tips and tricks you can do to maximize on a budget.  You can also have a strategy set up and outlined for your business as I do in my Bootcamp program.


Have you been on social media but don’t see results in your efforts?  What do those results even look like to your company?  Setting goals can help guide you.  If you have ideas of results to measure, great!  Test them out.  You can view the analytics on the social media platform or google analytics.


Need something to track for results – set up a campaign.  What is something in your business you want to promote and would be able to track?  Set up an outline, status updates, etc. around the product and different platforms you are promoting on.  Schedule and implement it, then watch the analytics and results.


This system (or however you set up a system) can be re-purposed in the same fashion to set-up a strategy for success on social media.  Sometimes looking at marketing from a different angle allows for understanding and ease.  As your business already runs on systems, you are just making new ones to mold into your work flow.