Email Marketing, Why the Inbox Needs to be Treated as Gold

email marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing
email marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing

What’s your email marketing strategy?

The Email Game:

There are certain newsletter you get have no idea how?  If you thought about it, you would figure out where you gave your email.  This is a big reason why email brings out frustration in people.  Then why is email marketing still a huge win for marketing?  Let’s look at how your business can be effective.

How you can be effective:

  • Honesty.  If you meet someone, or they joined on their own will, those people want to know more and will value your emails.  It doesn’t have to be about quantity, but quality with your subscribers.
  • Timing.  The word ‘busy’ is overused, but that’s the first thing anyone will say.  So keeping this in mind as you determine how often to send your own newsletter?  While still remaining top of mind and making sure you are sending out relevant content, how often should you is a question to answer before starting email marketing.
  • Formatting.  You want to strive for perfection in your emails.  From subject line to footer, think about the flow of information, ease of reading, and mobile optimization.  Subjects lines get someones attention, so are you enticing in your introduction?
  • Sharing.  Make your information easy to share.  From getting someone to forward to a friend or sharing on social media.  Those shares just increase your visibility.  Make sure you are providing relevant content they want to share with someone.

People still think of email as a personal things and don’t like to be spammed into something.  Keeping best practices in mind will ensure they value your email and content.  Do you have a trick you use or are you a consumer that appreciates something else in an email?