A Social Media Win Through Customer Experience

customer service, customer experience, social media engagement
customer service, customer experience, social media engagement

Are your customers happy?

A recent study noted customers are increasingly reaching out and getting nothing in return which leads to 55% of customers having bad customer experience.  In the social media space, seeing that either 1 in 5 pre-purchase or 1 in 3 post-purchase have a bad experience doesn’t need to happen.  Hopefully you are responding and engaging your customers, otherwise you are handing sales and money to your competition.

Your company is social (and if not, you should be) so you have to remember it’s a 2-way street.  Your customers want to show off your company to their friends, but if you are one of the company’s providing that bad customer experience, why would they?

Respond back on Social Media

Making sure notifications hit your phone, email, etc. as people engage one of your social media platforms is key.  Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just jump in and respond.  A twitter response that takes more than an hour could have up to a 50% decrease in brand loyalty.  While there are exceptions to the hour time frame, if your business is open or holds regular hours, the response time should easily be within the hour during regular hours.

Customers are people and people appreciate being heard and being responded to.  I’ve had countless brands and companies engage me when I mention them on social media.  For Twitter, even a favorite can do the trick.  On Facebook, a like.  Certainly if you have the ability to respond and answer a question, you just increased your customers love for your company.

Keep customers happy and engaged.  Provide great content to share with your audience, and make sure they are heard online.  If you are in need of a review or Q&A with myself, let me know!