Are You Standing Out on Social Media?

social media marketing, business start-up, stand out in marketing
social media marketing, business start-up, stand out in marketing

Don’t blend in!

The entrepreneurial bug bit and you want to start a business.  I’ll be the first one to tell you “awesome” and then start asking you questions.  I’ve learned a thing or two along the way myself, so I know I am relatable to that initial excitement.

Easy Set-up

With modern technology, it’s easy to build a website, set up social media accounts and then say ‘OK, I’m ready to make money and for everyone to see what I have to offer’.  Hopefully you realize it take a bit more effort.  You’re going to spend lots of time organizing, writing plans, and finding your ideal client.

What I find most often though, setting up a social media and digital marketing strategy is also part of the long term doesn’t happen.  This is where a disconnect happens as your business starts to grow, but you don’t have a plan to keep your social media moving forward.  So often it gets left behind and by not being active on a public platform is worse.

Making your mark on social media

Your business has one key component allowing it to stand out from anyone else…YOU!  Social media is more than advertising and sales, it’s the personal touch people value.  This allows you to resonate and connect with your audience.  The personal touch allows for a chance to tailor your marketing message around your story and relate it to your customer needs.  Having that list of ideal clients is key to formulating a successful social media and digital marketing strategy.

Before jumping into that new business venture, let’s chat about how The Fresh Idea Group can lend a hand making that part of the process much easier.