Is Your Digital Marketing and Social Media Conversational?

social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing strategy
social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing strategy

It’s about having a conversation on Social Media

Social media opened the door to conversational marketing and if you aren’t using it in your marketing strategy, you are missing the boat.  If you are one of those businesses that are ‘sell, sell, sell’; it’s likely you aren’t seeing results.

The time and energy needed for this is doable for any business, you just have to be ready and lay a solid foundation with a marketing strategy to succeed.

Targeted Marketing

You want to look at your products and services and determine what a conversation looks like.  How can you take the marketing message from sales to interactive?  Involve your customers and what they do with your business as part of the strategy.  Making customer focused marketing efforts will increase engagement levels with your content.


Figure out what you want to measure and how to be effective at those goals.  It will take some time to collect data and ensure you are moving in the right direction.  Once you have this information, it’s easy to take snapshots on a scheduled basis.  You want to make sure when you look over those snapshots, you understand adjustments can (and should) happen.  You are getting real time data to allow you to make adjustments along the way.

The strategy that you (or someone like me 🙂 ) outline needs to be a document that isn’t etched in stone.  It’s set up as guidelines.  You’re using some material, with extra on hand if someone isn’t working well.  You are going to make modifications along the way and that’s the great thing about real time social data.

Are you prepared for conversational marketing?