Transforming the Digital Experience for Your Customers

Is the path forward for your business CLEAR, OPEN, HONEST? Let's discover your next evolution



Make Sense of Digital Marketing

Are you looking for an opportunity to understand your digital footprint? Your customers are leaving a trail of breadcrumbs letting you know what they want. Let's find out what that is and maximize your digital assets and efforts.

At The Fresh Idea Group - your story and your ideal customers are the first discovery we'll make. Whether you are in need of a quick consultation or full-service management of all your digital marketing efforts, we are committed to creating the best experiences for your customers.

Our goal is to create a strategic marketing partnership with your company and align our efforts with your business goals so you see the tangible ROI in our marketing efforts. We stay on top of the marketing world and everything you need to know so you can focus on what you do best - run your business!

Let's Get To Work

Our services are as diverse as your business. We'll be focusing on giving you the unique experience you deserve.


Audit & Reporting

Whether your website needs a once-over, you want to make sense of social media, or looking to review your entire customer journey - We dive deep and provide custom reports to help you take the next steps.



Utilizing your story and customer needs, we'll work with you to craft a content strategy and management system that works seamlessly with your business day-to-day. Our partnership approach ensures you know what's being posted and shared.


Digital Advertising

Your customers are online and looking around. Are you making sure to capture their attention at the right moment? Are you maximizing your ad budget, testing all options, and trying different audience segments?


Virtual CMO

Looking to elevate your marketing efforts, launch something new, or hand off the overall efforts to someone? Working with you, we'll create a long-term marketing strategy and system that allows you to focus on the next chapter of your business.


Policies & Planning

Does your business have a sound plan in place as you hand off the marketing efforts to employees? Are they representing you and your business on their accounts? As you work with customers, do they know what might happen to their photo(s), testimonial, etc.? Let's assess what your needs are and get ink to paper.


Ask Us

Where is your business at in its digital marketing needs and growth? What are questions coming up in meetings you want answers to? Let's discover what your next move is together.

One Step At A Time

You'll gain clarity and awareness with help from your marketing secret weapon


Step 1

The discover covers a lot of ground and a lot of questions. There are no wrong answers. Then our creative process starts. We'll create a tailor-made plan of attack looking to bring new things forward.


Step 2

The creative process never ends. We'll dive into your digital world and get our hands dirty making bold moves. What happens is a win-win as we discover what connects with your customers.


Step 3

In the digital world, no one stops. Our team is hard at work keeping up with the latest and greatest. We are making small changes, tracking everything, and keeping you well informed.

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