Digital Assessments

Have our team review the technical and behind the scenes of your digital business footprint.

What’s Included

Each digital audit/assessment will contain the following key points:

-Technical Review and Action Steps of your website. What does Google see when they index your site. We grade your site and give you action steps on what needs to be completed.

-Some of these components include – Website speed, Load times, Mobile friendly, HTML/CSS/Java errors, Image optimization

-Website Content and Customer Journey. What does your website look like from a customer’s perspective? Do they understand where to go, is the content speaking to them, and are they taking actions you put in place.

-We’ll review your content and present action steps on what can be updated and ways to stand out from the competition.

-We’ll review your social media as it relates to your website. We’ll review your blog posting and email marketing efforts as they relate to your website. You’ll be presented with some content ideas and action items to maximize your social media engagement.

Next Steps

Audits & Assessments range from $299 – $699.  This range depends on the scope and depth of digital assets a business has.

-Submit the contact form on this page.  We will review your submission and present you with an estimate for approval.

-Upon approval and payment, we will set up a 30-minute call to review and gain access to digital assets as needed.

-Audit & Assessments take up to 7 business days.

-A 30-minute review call will be scheduled after the assessment is presented to the client to answer questions.

Getting Started. Please review the outline on this page for next steps and cost. When you are ready, please submit the information asked below.