twitter, facebook, social media marketing
twitter, facebook, social media marketing

Which social media platform suits your business

The question comes up often for a business owner or Solopreneur. For various reasons, you look into outsourcing social media as a way to keep content up on your social media channels. However, these days, it’s not enough to just post to the perspective platforms a few times a day.

Which Social Media Channels are you using?

What purpose did your business choose for the platforms you are on? Is your target demographic on that platform? If you aren’t clear, how can someone post on your behalf with clarity?

Why are you on Social Media?

What are you promoting within your business? What value add do you provide to your followers and fans on social media? Have you done something thus far that was (or wasn’t) effective in that goal?

Tracking Social Media Analytics

What are the data points that matter to your company? You should be looking to measure specific outcomes over a period of time. Those outcomes give you the information to grow.

Effective and customized social media management can have great returns to your company. You should expect your social media management company to be involved and know a significant amount of information about your business. These questions and more should be discussed prior to getting started which is the first step I take when talking to you about managing your social media! I would love to set up a time to go over how we can help!

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Social Media Time Savers

As small business owners, we are constantly on the go and having to juggle multiple task.  So as Social Media’s role in your business increases, it becomes another task.  Not to worry, there are plenty of Social Media Time Savers out there.


  • Link a number of social media accounts to your dashboard and set up marketing campaigns.  Schedule the content out as far as you need to ensure your presence on social media is consistent.
  • Follow industry related topics and interest on your dashboard and join in the conversation quickly and effectively.


  • Automate parts of your twitter marketing by finding new customers who are already on twitter and asking questions.
  • Automatically send out incentives to increase your business services and offerings.


  • PostPlanner gets your Facebook marketing organized helping to post on a schedule. Organize multiple types of campaign and post types from the dashboard.
  • Take advantage of their library of content if you need help on what to post, or use that as a resource for your own content to create.


Social Media is a great enhancement to marketing, your business, and your brand.  So keep on it and don’t give up!  Our services are designed around making it easier for you to be effective and efficient.


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With so many social media platforms out there to engage your customers and consumers, which platforms should your business engage?  While the longer conversation comes in the form of setting up a long term strategy, here are some handy tips to ask before diving into a new marketing angle.

Before you dive into Social Media to quick

In a previous post, we talked about Finding Your Social Media Voice in your business.  Now that you figured out the voice, it’s time to make sure someone hears you!  I might have a broken record on this statement, but you need to be doing what you are comfortable with and can manage.  Don’t bit off more than you can chew.  Typically most businesses can boil down to either a Product or Service.

Service Oriented

  • LinkedIn:  This is a great platform to showcase yourself as an expert.  Join groups and add to the discussions.  Search for people based on various criteria to target your audience and potential customers.  Share information from your website, blog, and other industry specific news.
  • Twitter:  I’m a big fan of twitter.  It allows for an international reach right from my iPhone!  Share constantly and don’t forget to follow like minded individuals.  Engage with them and others to continue to build your reach.
  • Blogging:  In the service business, content is key!  You are selling something non-tangible, so people need to see more information.  This also allows fresh content on your website as well.

Product Oriented

  • Twitter:  Did I mention I’m a fan??  Twitters latest venture is to allow one click purchases right from the app, so why wouldn’t you put your products on twitter?
  • Instagram:  Your product is tangible, so show it off!  Visuals are the the best way to represent your products.  Don’t be afraid to have fun with the photos.  Tell stories or create characters.
  • Pinterest:  Business Pinterest pages allow Rich Pins, which allow for greater information and details about your product.

Now of course there is overlap in Social Media and I encourage you to explore all platforms.  Just remember once you start, you have to stick with it, so don’t over do it.

We are happy to set up a coaching session to discuss your long term strategy and outline to grow your business on social media, so contact us today!

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Social Media Marketing is more than just advertising your brand. Social Media has turned marketing into a 2-way conversation with your fans, customers, consumers. It’s important to not only know the platform, but also what your brand and business has to say.

2-way Marketing

When you look at successful brands on social media, they are engaging their fans through text, photos, and videos. The text is something a fan wants to comment, share, and engage with. They have a call to action behind the messaging. Photos and videos are meant to be something you want to share with your friends. The new marketing message is geared towards your loyal fans so they share your content. This peer recommendation is more valuable to people than traditional advertising.

Communicating on a Social Media Platform

Each of the platforms works independently of the other. While there are some crossovers and ability to share a message on multiple platforms at once, you have to see what that looks like. Each platform has it’s own audience, and those people want you to give them your undivided attention. While sharing one post on multiple platforms is easy, it may not be effective.

Your Business Voice

This is where your marketing plan, road map, strategy (whatever you call it) comes into play. It’s a guideline of what you are doing on Social Media, how you are representing your brand, and what your next steps are. Knowing your core values and mission of your business will shape what is said on social media. You’ll also want to remember that business has a personal touch to it, so don’t be afraid to share more than just the product or service you are selling.

We can help with all this and more. Our trainings, workshop, and strategy sessions give you great insight into the inner workings on social media and tips on being effective. Let us know how we can help you with your social media marketing today!

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We all know social media changes daily, but what changes really affect your business social media? Here are 3 quick hacks to remember when using Social Media Marketing for your business that will keep you moving forward!

Social Media Hack #1

As Facebook constantly changes their algorithm for the news feed, there will always be ways to help boost your presence in the news feed. A consistent schedule with engaging content will go a long way. How can you entice someone to like or comment on your post? Photos have a great way of showing up in a news feed, but is there something about the photo that will engage your fans? These are a few sure fire way to stay ahead of the game.

Social Media Hack #2

Online reviews…are great! Yelp and Google+ still rank high on searches. And your Google+ page should be fully filled out and have reviews. That review engagement shows people like your business which gives Google search more inclination to show your listing and the wonderful multi-star reviews you have.

Social Media Hack #3

You’re in this for the long haul! If you are only able to tackle one platform currently, then stick with it and shine on it. Don’t sprint out of the gate, social media marketing takes time and you are building relationships. When was the last time sprinting to a relationship worked? As you grow and are ready for new social media platforms, do a little research and then dive in ready to shine.

There are so many options for a small business owner to utilize social media in their favor. Don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged from the start. And we are here to help! From training’s & workshops, coaching services, and management services; we are here to make sense of it all for you.

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Social Media

While an amazing concept at the core, the growth rate and rise of various networks dedicated to social media can make just about anyone scratch there head at some point.

What started less than 10 years ago with ‘Geocities’ (according to Wikipedia), which by today’s standards would not come close to stacking up, has not had enough merit and weight attached to it as it should through all its growth I feel. So why then is etiquette neglected so often? What makes people balk at it for not being relevant, but people make money off of it? Why do we have the problem of ‘young vs. old’ when it’s still just marketing principles? This post is merely to pose some thought into your weekend (and future) social media activities.

Social Media Etiquette

It always intrigues me to see what is being said on various platforms. Anymore, you don’t even have to create accounts on various platforms because you can link Facebook or Twitter and it will pull your information and share on your behalf. Takes a step out of the process. Shouldn’t that step be a good filter to make sure what you are doing is what you want followers to see? There’s no doubt we live in an extremely connected society and if you dare post it online, it can get out to the masses with very few clicks regardless of privacy settings. You should always ask a ‘what if…’ to keep yourself in check.

Social Media Relevant

Yes, social media is relevant. There is no doubt about that. From a business standpoint, look at some networks that have gone public on NYSE. Or the career you can make in the marketing world. From a personal stand-point, you can have your ’15 minutes of fame’ go viral. You can also have your every move documented or document your every move.

Young vs. Old

There was an interesting article a while back about some 20-something girl that thought old people on social media or old social media managers were a bad idea.  Well, unfortunately for her, Social Media is still marketing and it takes a great skill and cuth (which the girl in the article did not have) to represent a company.  Regardless of your role in social media, giving this marketing power and tool to everyone without training doesn’t always work out in the end.


We are all individuals and we all want to be heard. This is great and I applaud you for that. Just remember to check out the Marketing Wikipedia (since I know more of us don’t know what a library is when we can Google it) and just get a sense of what you are doing and when you should think twice before posting next time.

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Branding Yourself

Thanks for stopping by The Fresh Idea Group! I hope we can give you a helping hand with questions you have. For my first Blog Post I want to ask you a question I ask anytime I’m public speaking: “Have you Googled yourself lately?” Yes I just had you take a look at me, as it becomes an example of what you can get to with a few easy steps. To be most effective while on your own computer, open a new ‘incognito’ window.


Before you go and tell me that doing this is ‘self-serving’ or ‘conceded’, think about it for a minute. If you are a small business owner, student trying to apply for jobs, or making a name for yourself; you need to show up on top. HR departments and the likes will get on Google to find out who you are after they see you name. Think of Google as another vetting category you have to overcome for that new job.

What do I do?

I’m going to give you 3 quick and easy steps to take that will help get you the top spot for your name and be well on your way to branding yourself effectively.

  • Set up a Google+ Profile! If you use Gmail, then make sure your profile isn’t blank. Google is a huge search engine and one that has proven the namesake. So it goes without saying that you should have a Google+ Profile. Fill out the necessary information, add some photos (and tag them), then set up a posting schedule. Stay consistent and don’t worry if you need to start slow, anything will help!
  • This website has both free and paid options. If anything, just get a free account set up and working so you can understand what a search on your name shows. The tools they have on their site have been great for me to capture all 10 links on page one of Google (the link above in my opening question). They are also expanding and growing, so new features keep coming up.
  • Format all your profiles online! The last one is an audit of what you have out there. It needs to be concise and consistent across all the platforms. Jobs all need to line up, keywords need to be consistent, and head-shots should be easy to recognize. Whether you have 2 or 200 profiles online, make sure you are branding yourself!


Go out and audit yourself. See what comes back! See if it is consistent with what you want people to find. Start there tweaking and updating your online self. I’ll continue this series with other ways to jump yourself to the top of the line!


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