Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing
Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing

Getting your B2B Sales team to think of Social Media

Your B2B sales team has hopefully been successful at adapting to the changing landscape of sales.  Social media has become an integral part of the process to learn about prospects and customers.  They are likely to share valuable information about themselves online which can help a sales team better manger the conversations.

Sales Conversations

It can be much easier to start sales conversations and relationships when you already have some background information on your prospects.  Getting your sales team on social media platforms or integrating with your CRM will only help your team.  The valuable information provided allows the sales team to share information targeted to the prospect.

What is your sales process?  What aspects already have personal touches or could use personal touches?  Marketing content from a business is built out as a resource to its customers.  Your sales team should be part of this process.  The personalized marketing shift needs to also shift within your sales team.

Personalize the Sales Process

Sales calls can be made easier by knowing personal aspects.  Using social media dashboards or data companies that aggregate personal information, you’ll learn a wealth of information.  Information that can make or break a sales call.

While sales and marketing teams will be focused on different goals, the information each needs and collects is integral to each others success.  Giving each team access to the other will help grow your company.

It all starts with knowing your ideal customer!  Start creating customer profiles so you know who you are talking to and looking for.

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content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media
content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media

Where is your business in it’s Content Marketing Strategy

Your small business needs to think of itself as a news source.  If you don’t provide the information to your customer, the competition will.  Your customer is looking and you have the ability to capture their attention.

Your Friend is Big Data

There is a wealth of information available to you about your customers that’s it becomes easier for you to answer questions that your customer are asking.  It also allows you to add value to their experience on social media.  By pulling this data and analyzing, your content marketing strategy can grow your business past your competitor.

Measure and Track Content Marketing

Measure your content ROI when you have call to actions and lead generation on your website.  Do you have a free e-book or newsletter sign up?  Perhaps a new product.  Your content marketing strategy is leading someone to take an action.  If your content isn’t getting someone to take action, review it and make changes.

Our digital marketing world allows for instant feedback and changes so you are able to optimize and create the highest conversions within your business for products and services.  It can be as simple as button color all the way to how easy someone can read and absorb the information.

Is your content personalized and written in a way it speaks to someone?  This can also have a direct impact on conversions.  If someone feels they are being communicated with and not at, they are more at ease and willing to listen.  When you have them listening, tell them what they want!

You’re still helping your customer, there’s just more to offer.  Find our what that looks like for your business!



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customer experience, customer service, social media, ideal customer, marketing strategy
customer experience, customer service, social media, ideal customer, marketing strategy

Who are you Marketing to?

It’s time to use your analytics on social media to figure out more about your customers.  In order for marketing strategies to be highly effective in our social and technological world, you have to know more and more details.

Marketing messages have to be personalized and targeted for maximum effect.  How are you capturing this information and turning it around to your advantage?

Develop Your Social Media Customer

You can start to build a picture of someone by looking at their social media.  Who they follow as well as what they post online plays into learning more about the customer.  These details play into the emotional side of a person.  Their opinions can start to be outlined which can lead you to think about how they might perceive your products or services.

How much money someone has or would spend on products and services can be told through social media profiles.  Going back to pages and businesses they like, you don’t have to know what kind of car they drive, but you can infer.  This financial component is key in knowing who is capable of purchasing with you.

What habits do your customers have?  This is another find when looking through a customer on social media.  From something as simple as Starbucks frequency to travel.  Are they someone who values the ease of Starbucks?  Do they travel for work or pleasure?

Create Your Customer Profiles

All of these instances are ways of looking at your customer from their shoes to gather information that will help your business succeed at developing what they need

and want.  Check out our Customer Profile E-Book, a free download to help you build out your ideal customer!



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social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy
social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy

Keep track of your time and have a plan of attack.

One of the biggest issues around social media is time management.  How is all this time on social media having a positive effect on my business?  A common questions and statement you say often.  While there are lots of ways to get sucked into cat videos, going in with a plan can mean all the difference in the world.

To be effective on social media, you need to have a plan of attack and some time management skills in your back pocket.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will be a great way to organize your time.  This will act as a manual for target dates, goals, and help shape when you need to be on social media.  Your strategy allows you to schedule content ahead of time and know when to monitor and engage in comments.

There are plenty of platforms and services that assist in scheduling your marketing messages on the different platforms.  Combine this with smartphone apps.  Smartphone apps allow for push notifications.  As your fans and customers engage you, the app allows you to respond quickly.

Time Management

You already schedule meetings, lunches, and other activities on your calendar.  Social Media should be no different.  Reviewing your strategy, look at your goals and determine how often you should be on different platforms throughout the week.

When working with clients, we are sure to help them block out times for social media.  Taking into consideration customers, the different platforms, and their level of involvement in the platform.  One way to start this journey is by figuring out your ideal customer.  Download our e-book to help create customer profiles today!


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social media, hashtags, digital marketing, marketing strategy, social media management
social media, hashtags, digital marketing, marketing strategy, social media management

Are you being effective with Hashtags?

Marketing hashtags have become the norm whether they are personalized/customized to your business, for an event, or just general use.  With so much content generated by so many sources, you have to find a way to stand out from the rest.

Plan ahead with your Marketing hashtags

The strategy behind them can’t haphazard.  You want to put some thought into the details.  Look at what’s popular, look at how customers will interact and use ones you create.  What will it look like online when you launch a hashtag campaign?

Marketing considerations to remember:

  • Are you diving into the popular conversation?  This is a great way to grow your audience and increase your reach.  The popular hashtags used within your industry are full of experts and people asking questions.  It’s your job to enhance the conversation.


  • How does geography play into your business?  Areas, cities, states, etc. lend themselves to their own hashtags narrowing down the conversation.  Utilizing the geography aspect when relevant to your business or marketing message will help further get you in front of your target audience.


  • Are you having an event and want to find the conversation?  Event hashtags allow you to manage additional aspects of your event conversation.  Stay on top of monitoring all social media channels to make sure when things arise, you are able to respond quickly.


  • Are you ready to create your own?  This is a great way to create brand awareness and get customers to engage with you beyond just a simple transaction.  They will be more willing to share their story in conjunction with your product to their audience.


Be sure to give some thought on the matter before diving into a new strategy.  Your early planning will help you succeed in the long term.



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social media, social activism, marketing, traditional activism
social media, social activism, marketing, traditional activism

Merging activism across various ways and platforms

Social Media has brought a voice to anyone who is willing to use it.  Voices can be for any number of reasons and used in so many ways.  So why the double edge sword with activism on social media?

Traditional Activism

Activism has been around and  methods have been used in past campaigns are still easy and effective means.  What social media brings to the table is a more global awareness of issues.  Organizing events are made easier as communication is streamlined online.  Communities form to help spread the word.

Social Media’s Infiltration

The kicker to social media’s infiltration within the activism space happens in lack of follow through on issues.  Our attention for causes and issues shrinks after the hype has past online.  As well, a new cause comes along on social media and while trending, it’s all anyone talks about.  Our attention span to follow through with an issue has dwindled.

Social Media Speed and Response

Social Media’s language lends itself to instant gratification and responses.  This isn’t effective in the case of activism.  We have come to expect instant responses and outlets become reactionary instead of thinking critically and in a timely manner.  Our constant online and connected communications don’t lend themselves to thoughtful responses.  We react in the moment only to change course.

While I value what social media has to offer, we have to remember not everything needs to have instant reactions or responses.  It’s still important to have a thought out answer as opposed to multiple stumbles that don’t make sense.



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visual marketing, social media marketing, social media apps, digital marketing
visual marketing, social media marketing, social media apps, digital marketing

Are visuals part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s time for your marketing messages and digital content to go visual!  Whether a photo or video, these post have higher engagement and reach among your followers.  So why and how can you be more effective with creating these visual options?

Visual Digital Marketing Strategy

Look at your marketing strategy as well as your products and services.  What aspects can you turn into a video for a social post, tutorial, or introduction?  Surely if a visual can enhance what you are marketing online, it’s best to do it!  Think about how your ideal customer will engage with the content.  You can also look to what others do for inspiration.

Content Reach and Engagement

Getting your content seen on social media channels is starting to get more challenging if you are a small business trying to manage it on your own.  Even full service marketing teams are working hard to stay in front of their fans.  Visuals have automatically be known to have a higher reach.  Facebook now has it’s own video service built in.  So by using it, the statics already show you’ll have a higher reach.

One way to maximize your visual efforts is with text overlays.  For Facebook, videos will start automatically without sound.  If you have text attached, it’s more likely to get the message across.  Photos can be enhanced with Text overlays as long as the photos purpose gets across.  Text can be another way to create call to actions helping to move customers along in a sales funnel.


There are plenty of tools out there to help create your visual content and services.  Make sure your Social Media Marketing Strategy is moving forward with lots of visual components to it!



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