social media, social media advocates, customer expereince
social media, social media advocates, customer expereince

Leverage your employees social connections

Are you wanting to engage and empower your staff to becomes social media advocates for the company?  Leveraging your team can be a powerful way to increase engagement and reach on social media.  First, you have to lay a foundation of policies and procedures to ensure your staff represent your company in a positive light.

Social Media Guidelines

Your first step is developing an outline of expectations.  Don’t assume your employees know how to use social media.  Provide context behind why they are posting, what language to use, and how to handle various situations.  Don’t discourage employees who aren’t on social media or choose not to participate.

Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms where employees can create relationships with clients.  If your company uses Google Apps, then all your employees have access to a Google+ Page and YouTube channel.  When building out your businesses digital marketing and content strategy, how can employees add value?

Social Relationships

Your staff should be creating social connections through these platforms.  They get to know their clients on a more personal level to start providing additional information and connections which may not directly affect your business, but have long term benefits.

Provide your employees with the tools to succeed on social media.  Put management tools in place designed for multiple accounts and users so it becomes an internal online community.

Social Proof

Use social media to showcase company culture and what’s happening around the office.  By sharing company culture from an employee’s perspective, it gives social proof to clients and potential new hires the value you bring to the table.



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LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing
LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing

What is your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Your LinkedIn Profile says a lot more about you than you think.  It’s no longer a static resume.  As LinkedIn has evolved into a social platform for B2B, you are given more and more opportunities to showcase your expertise.  By adding in the additional options to your profile, you are more likely to show up as people are looking for answers to questions.  The first thing to to is make sure your profile is optimized.

First Steps in Your LinkedIn Profile

There are so many sections of a LinkedIn profile to fill out, you may wonder how you are going to fill all of them.  Don’t worry about everything, focus on what is relevant to your business and industry.  Add sections which will ultimately enhance your profile and allow you to stand out!

Manually override sections to add in words and phrases that people are searching on the platform. Your headline should include these four elements:

  • What you are
  • Who you help
  • How you make life better
  • Proof you are credible

Industry Keywords

What keywords and phrases best describe what you do?  Include these throughout your profile without stuffing them.  LinkedIn searches the majority of your profile for those words when someone does a search.  Use the summary section and job description to showcase your talents and take a story form or conversational approach instead of strictly bullet points and statistics.

LinkedIn Pulse

Take advantage of blogging through Pulse.  Expand on industry topics and provide insight to your connections so they learn more about you and what services you can offer.  Once posted, a notification will be sent to your connections.  You can also share the article with your groups for further reach and engagement.

Once you’ve taken steps to optimize your profile, there are numerous other activities you can take advantage of that require planning and strategy.



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storytelling, marketing strategy, digital marketing
storytelling, marketing strategy, digital marketing

How can your business turn into a story?

Content marketing isn’t new, but the fancy title has companies large and small trying to get it right.  It’s changing the way B2B & B2C engage with each other.  It’s only going to get more personalized as more and more details and data are in the hands of marketers.

So why is content marketing so important and effective?

A big component is the story telling aspect.  Stories have been around for millennia and we are able to relate and understand them.  Your business has to turn into a story.  What’s that great novel about?  What are chapters and short stories within the novel going to touch on?

Marketing as Storytelling

This storytelling skill is sometimes best left to the journalist.  Marketing professionals are starting to understand the skill, but it’s a unique writing style.  Expanding on the content produced by your company in a story form will allow you to further connect with your customers and build a community.  They will be more likely to also share stories if they feel they can relate.

Finding this sweet spot isn’t easy, and take time and continued work on the messages you send out.  Marketers again have to add a new skill to their tool box in order to meet this new demand.  Especially if you don’t reach out and find a journalist to join your team.


Are you ready to tackle the project of creating a story board?  Think outside the box and look to your customers lifestyle.  Tie these key points together when creating a long term digital marketing and content strategy to ensure your company is ready to take on future marketing.



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mobile marketing, customer experience, social media marketing
mobile marketing, customer experience, social media marketing

How are you reaching Customers in Mobile Marketing?

Online eCommerce and shopping has become the norm.  The process to buy online has also been simplified.  With marketing being built around content for maximum affect, you have to start merging the gap between marketing and purchasing.

Mobile Marketing

Technology is making it easier to buy quickly and with less friction.  Friction breaks down to steps taken completing a transaction.  More steps and the conversion rate to final sale drops after each step.  Now companies are making one & two click purchases easy within their advertising.

One-Click Buying

Your content marketing has to consider the one click buy now.  Pinterest is a perfect example.  Most of the purchase process is done within Pinterest and little to no interaction with the businesses actual online store.

Is Your Marketing Mobile-Friendly?

What does your marketing look like now to drive purchases and first buys directly from other channels?  You have to remember the first buys are the hardest sells, after that they know and like your product.  So this mind-set is a good starting point.  When thinking about marketing, pay attention to factors you use in attracting those first time buyers.  Incorporate them into the one/two click purchase social advertising for maximum impact with repeat buyers.

Remember to keep your ‘sales’ chatter to an even balance.  Social Media still isn’t about direct selling, but more creating the brand awareness and lifestyle around your company customers will embrace.  When the hard sell comes out in advertising, you are not going to have the results you wanted.

Start working towards a strategy with long term planning for everything coming in marketing!





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internet of things, digital marketing, connected devices
internet of things, digital marketing, connected devices

How connected is your life?

Are you taking full advantage of your digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing has brought about a new wave of marketing that is more personalized and real-time.  The Internet of Things is happening in real-time finally, no longer a concept.  Technology is making it easier and easier to stay connected, connect devices, and provide data that a small business can use.  So what are you doing with to stay on the forefront?

Interactive Products:

What could you offer consumers beyond just the actual products they buy in-store and online?  It’s time to start thinking beyond physical products and how to turn them into multi dimensional offerings.  Keeping customers engaged in an effective way will be key to success moving forward.

Marketing and Technical departments are teaming up and working on speciality labeling to personalized and/or geo-tagged products.  This allows a company’s marketing departments detailed information not only about their customers, but about what happens with their products.

Connected Products:

Sports wear has already started with wearable products.  Shirts and arm-bands are now wired to monitor personal health information.  This data has to go somewhere.  Yes it means someone can track you (another story on privacy later), however from a marketing perspective, it’s a wealth of information about continuing to personalized and customize products for your consumers that fits their needs.

While the idea Internet of Things has been around for a while, it’s only recently that companies are taking the updates in technology to create products to embody where the trend is going.  Technology is here to stay.  Digital marketing is something your business needs to be thinking about on a long term plan and sett action plans now to stay ahead of the competition.



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reputation management, negative social media, social media
reputation management, negative social media, social media

Are you taking care of your online reputation?

Social media continues to open doors and change the ways of the world.  With that, there’s a darker side coming out that doesn’t have to be around.  Complaints on social media in reference to jobs and working aren’t left unnoticed and have long term effects.

What do you find online?

While social media has brought transparency to many things, you still have to realize you are accountable for what you say.  One thing I do when meeting people, hiring, or talking with clients is check out what’s on social media.  What picture is painted?  Would I (or you) still want to do business with the company or hire someone after doing research?  You put a digital footprint forward before anything else, make sure it’s not a bad one.

It’s one thing to be unhappy with a job or industry, but there are plenty of people out there that enjoy what they do.  Therefore, you aren’t painting a kind picture for everyone else who has a positive outlook.  The negative effects within the industry may be broad, but are something that you probably aren’t thinking about.  Quitting your job may not be an options, but it’s really easy to change a mindset and actions.

The aftereffect of negative social media

When posting in a negative light, are you being taken seriously?  We all have unfortunate experiences that should be fixed, just keep the negative off social media.  Chances are it will get fixed and the those stories have lasting effect you want to be remembered and seen for.

Don’t put a negative foot forward and don’t forget to manage your online reputation as a business!





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social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing

One of the best tools you have in your social media marketing is to listen!  Your followers are giving you tons of great insight that you can use to grow your social reach as well as your company.  Paying attention to the chatter in social media will allow for greater awareness of your brand and industry.

Looking for Customers on Social Media

Not only are you looking and waiting for followers to engage your brand, you are able to watch what is being said about competition.  If they aren’t listening and responding, who’s to say you aren’t the one stepping in?  Your competitors unpreparedness can be to your benefit.  Just make sure you are helpful to the consumer.

By monitoring all this chatter, you can also get some insights of your industry and how consumers interact with it.  Are you able to check out all the information and use it to adapt your business services and products to stand out?

Answer Questions on Social Media

Consumers are not only on social media to absorb content, they are there to ask for help.  If you look for it, consumers are asking questions that you and your brand have answer to.  If your business is geo-locational and you can’t help someone directly in another area, you can still offer advice.  By helping with advice, you never know who they know.

Social Media Trends

Social media is a great way to locate trends and join in the conversation.  Especially if you business has any relation to the trend, you definitely want to put your voice and spin on the conversation.  Engage new people and start conversations.

social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing

Don’t forget you are still having conversations on social media

Don’t just get on social media to send out more one-way communication, join in the community to grow your reach.



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