Branding Yourself

Branding Yourself

Thanks for stopping by The Fresh Idea Group! I hope we can give you a helping hand with questions you have. For my first Blog Post I want to ask you a question I ask anytime I’m public speaking: “Have you Googled yourself lately?” Yes I just had you take a look at me, as it becomes an example of what you can get to with a few easy steps. To be most effective while on your own computer, open a new ‘incognito’ window.


Before you go and tell me that doing this is ‘self-serving’ or ‘conceded’, think about it for a minute. If you are a small business owner, student trying to apply for jobs, or making a name for yourself; you need to show up on top. HR departments and the likes will get on Google to find out who you are after they see you name. Think of Google as another vetting category you have to overcome for that new job.

What do I do?

I’m going to give you 3 quick and easy steps to take that will help get you the top spot for your name and be well on your way to branding yourself effectively.

  • Set up a Google+ Profile! If you use Gmail, then make sure your profile isn’t blank. Google is a huge search engine and one that has proven the namesake. So it goes without saying that you should have a Google+ Profile. Fill out the necessary information, add some photos (and tag them), then set up a posting schedule. Stay consistent and don’t worry if you need to start slow, anything will help!
  • This website has both free and paid options. If anything, just get a free account set up and working so you can understand what a search on your name shows. The tools they have on their site have been great for me to capture all 10 links on page one of Google (the link above in my opening question). They are also expanding and growing, so new features keep coming up.
  • Format all your profiles online! The last one is an audit of what you have out there. It needs to be concise and consistent across all the platforms. Jobs all need to line up, keywords need to be consistent, and head-shots should be easy to recognize. Whether you have 2 or 200 profiles online, make sure you are branding yourself!


Go out and audit yourself. See what comes back! See if it is consistent with what you want people to find. Start there tweaking and updating your online self. I’ll continue this series with other ways to jump yourself to the top of the line!