Your Employees Can Be Effective Social Media Advocates

social media, social media advocates, customer expereince
social media, social media advocates, customer expereince

Leverage your employees social connections

Are you wanting to engage and empower your staff to becomes social media advocates for the company?  Leveraging your team can be a powerful way to increase engagement and reach on social media.  First, you have to lay a foundation of policies and procedures to ensure your staff represent your company in a positive light.

Social Media Guidelines

Your first step is developing an outline of expectations.  Don’t assume your employees know how to use social media.  Provide context behind why they are posting, what language to use, and how to handle various situations.  Don’t discourage employees who aren’t on social media or choose not to participate.

Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms where employees can create relationships with clients.  If your company uses Google Apps, then all your employees have access to a Google+ Page and YouTube channel.  When building out your businesses digital marketing and content strategy, how can employees add value?

Social Relationships

Your staff should be creating social connections through these platforms.  They get to know their clients on a more personal level to start providing additional information and connections which may not directly affect your business, but have long term benefits.

Provide your employees with the tools to succeed on social media.  Put management tools in place designed for multiple accounts and users so it becomes an internal online community.

Social Proof

Use social media to showcase company culture and what’s happening around the office.  By sharing company culture from an employee’s perspective, it gives social proof to clients and potential new hires the value you bring to the table.