Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing
Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing

Getting your B2B Sales team to think of Social Media

Your B2B sales team has hopefully been successful at adapting to the changing landscape of sales.  Social media has become an integral part of the process to learn about prospects and customers.  They are likely to share valuable information about themselves online which can help a sales team better manger the conversations.

Sales Conversations

It can be much easier to start sales conversations and relationships when you already have some background information on your prospects.  Getting your sales team on social media platforms or integrating with your CRM will only help your team.  The valuable information provided allows the sales team to share information targeted to the prospect.

What is your sales process?  What aspects already have personal touches or could use personal touches?  Marketing content from a business is built out as a resource to its customers.  Your sales team should be part of this process.  The personalized marketing shift needs to also shift within your sales team.

Personalize the Sales Process

Sales calls can be made easier by knowing personal aspects.  Using social media dashboards or data companies that aggregate personal information, you’ll learn a wealth of information.  Information that can make or break a sales call.

While sales and marketing teams will be focused on different goals, the information each needs and collects is integral to each others success.  Giving each team access to the other will help grow your company.

It all starts with knowing your ideal customer!  Start creating customer profiles so you know who you are talking to and looking for.

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internet of things, digital marketing, connected devices
internet of things, digital marketing, connected devices

How connected is your life?

Are you taking full advantage of your digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing has brought about a new wave of marketing that is more personalized and real-time.  The Internet of Things is happening in real-time finally, no longer a concept.  Technology is making it easier and easier to stay connected, connect devices, and provide data that a small business can use.  So what are you doing with to stay on the forefront?

Interactive Products:

What could you offer consumers beyond just the actual products they buy in-store and online?  It’s time to start thinking beyond physical products and how to turn them into multi dimensional offerings.  Keeping customers engaged in an effective way will be key to success moving forward.

Marketing and Technical departments are teaming up and working on speciality labeling to personalized and/or geo-tagged products.  This allows a company’s marketing departments detailed information not only about their customers, but about what happens with their products.

Connected Products:

Sports wear has already started with wearable products.  Shirts and arm-bands are now wired to monitor personal health information.  This data has to go somewhere.  Yes it means someone can track you (another story on privacy later), however from a marketing perspective, it’s a wealth of information about continuing to personalized and customize products for your consumers that fits their needs.

While the idea Internet of Things has been around for a while, it’s only recently that companies are taking the updates in technology to create products to embody where the trend is going.  Technology is here to stay.  Digital marketing is something your business needs to be thinking about on a long term plan and sett action plans now to stay ahead of the competition.



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social media, digital marketing
social media, digital marketing

Remember to take care of your customers on social media

We all want followers who fawn over us and do everything we say, while 100% may not, you certainly can incorporate some tactics to make sure you get maximum value out of marketing messages.  These are action items you can start working into your ‘social media time blocks’ today.

Marketing Call-to-Action

This is a tried and true action so often overlooked.  If you aren’t encouraging your fans to do something, they aren’t going to read your mind.  What’s on your website you can direct them to?  Maybe you are running a marketing campaign to lead up to a sale.  Or you have something for free to offer!

Interact With Your Followers

Just like your following can interact with you, why aren’t you talking to them?  I see so many questions not answered on social media when looking at business accounts.  This is a marketing gold mind.  And when you don’t take advantage, you loose customers.

Create Content for Them

You should already know your target audience and ideal customer, which means you know what they are looking for.  You know those areas they need help with, or what they would share with their friends.  Everyone is looking for information, as a smart marketer and business owner, you know what that something is.

Share Their Content

If your followers are promoting you on social media by taking pictures with your products or tagging you in status updates, share what they have to say.  It adds to your social proof online showing you care about your followers.



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direct mail marketing, marketing strategy, old school marketing
direct mail marketing, marketing strategy, old school marketing

Don’t forget about your marketing roots

Digital Marketing has leaps and bounds taking center stage for all marketing professionals, but have you forgotten about the roots of marketing?  While certain aspects of old-school marketing may be dying out, who’s to say those efforts won’t still work.

Your overall marketing strategy must always keep the customer from and center.  You are marketing to them, so make sure you are finding them!  Think about the fact that print, radio, and TV have been around for over 500 years combined.  Just because digital marketing is new and shiny, doesn’t mean you can’t think of other options to succeed.

Is Direct Mail Worth It?

Have you had any direct mail recently that you appreciated from a company?  While it may be hard to measure how much get’s trashed, it’s another way to have your name show up in front of someone.  Library’s can help with address and mailing list.

I recently got direct mail from a group of companies that had similar products and services.  The packaging and design was seamless between all the companies and it worked for me.  I have already taken advantage of one of the offers.  URL’s and discount codes were all customized on each one, so your tracking efforts can still be measured if you take the right steps.

Everything is still Print

While a national newspaper may not be the best avenue for you, what about a local paper?  Austin has a local Community Impact that I know of several people who read when it comes out monthly.  It’s free and mailed directly to everyone.  The content is engaging and they tailor to the different areas of the city.  This could be a great opportunity if you feel your ideal customer would be someone to read it.

Always keep thinking of all the marketing angles open to you.



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digital marketing, mobile friendly, social media
digital marketing, mobile friendly, social media

Is your digital marketing mobile ready?

By now the fact that half the world population is mobile-friendly shouldn’t shock you.  So the questions becomes, is your business paying attention and moving that way?  It’s already been shown to have negative effects in the digital world, and it will only get harder if you aren’t ready and optimized.

Not playing in the mobile sandbox is cost prohibitive.  Mobile technology is much more efficient and affordable that people have mobile devices and social media before they have computers or cars.  Mobile technology is also highly personalized, so your business should recognize this and find ways to incorporate that into a digital marketing strategy.

From mobile friendly websites to ‘thumb-stoppers’ (social media post that stop a customer) to communication; your business continues to have access to new ways in which to engage your customer.

SMS | Texting

Do you text your customers?  Would it work to your benefit?  A survey concluded 70% of consumers would be OK with companies texting them.  Now this doesn’t mean spam them, but if you can build excitement and add value I would be the first one to say go for it!

Mobile App and Community

If you want a truly integrated way to engage your customers, get them on your app.  Users on an app provide you with a wealth of data to use in constantly improving and making your products/services fit the needs of the customer you are attracting.


As the trend continues to move mobile, that 50% will only increase even with the increase in population.  It’s time to start thinking the long game in your business digital and social media marketing strategies.



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digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media
digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media

What social and digital marketing tools does your business use?

Digital Marketing may seem like it has no personal connection to your customers, but in reality, it’s one of the best ways to keep a personal connection with them.  Selling to someone once doesn’t mean they will remember you the next time.  You have to engage them and make them feel like a valuable customer over and over.

Email Marketing

How often do you check your email in a day?  How many of those newsletters do you open even if you don’t like ‘junk mail’?  Email Marketing is still a powerful tool in your marketing efforts.  It gives you the ability to share exact information you want the reader to see and offer a direct ways for them to said information.  Just remember to add their name into the email.

Social Media Customer Service

For some companies, it’s easier to get an answer on social media vs. sitting on the phone.  As we check our emails multiple times a day, we are on social media multiple times a day.  So if they start asking questions or acknowledging your presence on social media, you want to make sure and engage with them.  In sales, you have to make multiple attempts to hook someone, commenting on social media counts as multiple attempts in one action.

Online Community

Generating content online about your brand and industry is key to staying top of mind for customers and search.  This starts to form an online community of readers who value your insight.  This can be taken further by creating a special area for super fans that might include free samples or asking for direct feedback on new items before you release to the public.

With numerous ways to engage online, it gives you the ability to connect personally without having to knock on doors.  Just make sure you have a game plan before diving in.



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digital marketing, marketing strategy, hire a digital marketing company
digital marketing, marketing strategy, hire a digital marketing company

Are you being effective in what you say online?

Noticed I didn’t say hire.  Each business is unique, which is the best part about building a digital marketing strategy for your company.  If you aren’t familiar with the in’s and out’s of digital marketing or social media, then you should think about bringing someone in to set up a strategy your business can flourish with.

Long Term Plan

A long term plan is critical for your business success.  Just as you wrote out a business plan, a marketing strategy is key.  If you aren’t integrating all aspects of your business with your marketing, you can be missing out on additional revenue.  As consultants, we come in and build that strategy plan as well as help you implement and understand.

Time Management

While in fact you can spend the time researching, building out the plan, implementing yourself; why?  Your time is valuable and most suited on what you’re great at!  Leave other details to professionals as well.  Social Media & Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be time consuming.  There are plenty of tricks you can utilize yourself to be effective in your marketing message and campaigns.  We make sure you have and know those tools.


It changes constantly, and by bringing in someone to work with your company for a couple months, they know what you need.  They know the foundation of each platform as well as up to date information.  Having the foundation to any social media platforms allows you to adapt effectively and build upon while remaining relevant.

Customers and consumers are increasingly savvy shoppers and loyal to brands they like.  Give them plenty of reasons to show off how much they love your product or service!



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