content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing


content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing

Content Marketing is a constant upkeep

Creating content takes a thoughtful eye and lots of energy, however the payoff can be completely worth it.  Content with all the right bells and whistles is something that has to be done over and over.  Content marketing and any marketing is a long game that needs constant attention and nurturing.

Why Content Marketing

So why is this a big puzzle piece these days?  In our increasing digital world, you are constantly vying for attention from consumers.  What do they like and what do they want to share.  What are they sharing now?

You already have your ideal customer outlined and profiled, look at them on social media and see what they are sharing.  See your content being shared by them then create it.  Having sharable content is your golden ticket.

Content Sharing

Having people share your content is the ultimate boost in your organic reach online.  It also opens you up to new prospective clients.  When these prospective clients engage with your content, are they engaging the way you want them to?  You always want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in any and all content you produce.

Are you structuring your content in a way that would entice someone to share it?  Think of useful information you would share from a company.  The great thing as a content producer is having the ability to look at what you do as a consumer for a vantage point you can utilize.  Flipping the vantage point gives a great boost to always having content on the back burner.



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email marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing
email marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing

What’s your email marketing strategy?

The Email Game:

There are certain newsletter you get have no idea how?  If you thought about it, you would figure out where you gave your email.  This is a big reason why email brings out frustration in people.  Then why is email marketing still a huge win for marketing?  Let’s look at how your business can be effective.

How you can be effective:

  • Honesty.  If you meet someone, or they joined on their own will, those people want to know more and will value your emails.  It doesn’t have to be about quantity, but quality with your subscribers.
  • Timing.  The word ‘busy’ is overused, but that’s the first thing anyone will say.  So keeping this in mind as you determine how often to send your own newsletter?  While still remaining top of mind and making sure you are sending out relevant content, how often should you is a question to answer before starting email marketing.
  • Formatting.  You want to strive for perfection in your emails.  From subject line to footer, think about the flow of information, ease of reading, and mobile optimization.  Subjects lines get someones attention, so are you enticing in your introduction?
  • Sharing.  Make your information easy to share.  From getting someone to forward to a friend or sharing on social media.  Those shares just increase your visibility.  Make sure you are providing relevant content they want to share with someone.

People still think of email as a personal things and don’t like to be spammed into something.  Keeping best practices in mind will ensure they value your email and content.  Do you have a trick you use or are you a consumer that appreciates something else in an email?



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content marketing, personalized marketing, digital marketing
content marketing, personalized marketing, digital marketing

Do you have a picture of your ideal client?

Are you taking into consideration what the lifestyle is of your ideal client(s)?  With the rise of social media popularity, attracting attention on social media means adding value to your clients so they keep coming back for more.  Your business has an ideal client and smart marketers even have pictures and profiles of those clients.

This allows for not only a more personal touch when thinking about marketing messages, but also lifestyle of your ideal client.  Having lifestyle information around helps you further enhance your marketing to those ideal clients.  This is valuable for both B2C & B2B Marketing!  Don’t think you have to limit your marketing message, just make it relate back to your business.

Relationships with long term clients

It’s always the goal of marketing to attract long term and loyal clients/customers/fans.  Not only will the promote on your behalf, but if you help them out, it’s an even stronger connection.  Focused marketing relies on as much detailed information about a client as possible.  Tapping into the lifestyle side of marketing can given fans even more reason to seek out your marketing message.

This relationship has to be nurtured and be allowed to grow over time.  You are looking to provide the additional information and assistance.  A customer may only spend a tangible dollar amount with your company, but how many referrals have they brought the business?  Business owners miss out on tapping into the referral market within social media of their current clients to help grow their business.



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marketing, hoover vacuum, generational marketing
marketing, hoover vacuum, generational marketing

Example of 1950’s era marketing. Does that fit with today?

Did you know to market to different generations effectively, multiple marketing messages and campaigns need to be running?  Each generation is going to have it’s own way of absorbing and processing information from your business.  As I’ve talked about who your idea client is, it then moves into what marketing channels they use and trust.  How can your business then be front of mind to your ideal clients?

Know the Audience to be Effective

From a marketing perspective in today’s world, you have to not only know your client, but know how to market to them effectively.  While everyone will value a personalized message, the younger generations almost expect this of your business.

New Technologies and Ways to Market Your Business

While your shift should be towards mobile and social media marketing as goes the trend, you can’t be broad sweeping in making changes or how you use any new technology or platform.  There are still clients that will only find you through traditional advertising/marketing means, if they are part of your target audience.  Adding in a new component to to test the waters is certainly a great idea.  Maybe those new ideas stick around long term.

By making this switch to mobile/social marketing, there becomes a whole new set of parameters and rules to being effective.  So many of these new tools have the ability to get very specific in targeting who you are reaching and even personalizing the message.  The fact is you pay attention to those points will give you a competitive advantage.


The first steps in taking on this new adventure can start with our help!  We’ll sit down to help outline your audience, where they are online, how they value their marketing, and then start building a strategy to attracting them!



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marketing, social marketing, customer expereince
marketing, social marketing, customer expereince

How is Your Marketing Message Getting Out There?

You Market for Someone Already

We all have our favorite article of clothing, or bathroom product, or that car we always wanted.  What is it about that specific product that has you so excited to tell everyone?  Whatever the case may be, you become the social marketing arm for that company, and you didn’t have to do anything!  Effective brands and company’s make it easy for you to share their products and services with your friends, family, and social network.  So what are some ways you can utilize this for your company?

  • Who doesn’t love something free?  There are companies out there that focus solely on promotional items.  If you get something, make sure you would use it as well.
  • Customize email marketing messages that not only reward loyal customers, the message is easy for them to share with their followers.
  • Utilize key words and phrases that entice your customers to want something:  Exclusive, VIP, Insider, etc.  Do they feel special?
  • Don’t be afraid to watch the competition.  Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Who knows, they do something that provides you with an idea you would have never thought of.

Think Outside the Marketing Box

Marketing has evolved so far from the radio and newspaper ad you once ran.  While some company’s still do (and I’m sure with measured success), if you are looking for inexpensive ways to marketing, provide the most amazing customer experience.

Have you thought about what your company and brand looks like to the world?  We would be happy to set up a time to chat with you further about how you can jump ahead of your competition.



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social media, marketing,
social media, marketing,

Building a Social Media Plan

When you started your company, chances are you create a mission statement, brand statement, or guiding principles that you follow to move your company forward.  These items are also needed as you build out a social media strategy.  That strategy should also take into account who your audience is and the different social media platforms you engage.  Make sure the message adds value to your audience.

Your Social Media Message fits the Platform

LinkedIn is for business, Facebook is your brand through visuals and call-to-actions, Twitter loves hashtags, Pinterst is all about the visuals, etc..  While there are variables to this list, you get the idea that you have to make sure what you send out is for the audience intended.  While you can say the same thing on all platforms, you have to tweak the message to fit.

Don’t link Accounts to ‘Save Time’

Facebook and Twitter will promote you should link your account, you shouldn’t.  By having your Facebook updates go to Twitter, all you show your Twitter followers is a link to Facebook.  You should take the few extra minutes to craft a message for each.  And if you aren’t able, don’t sign up for another platform until you are ready.


While it take a little extra time, crafting a message for the individual platforms, you will capture a higher engagement.  We are here to help!  Whether strategy or management, let us show you how to make social media marketing manageable and effortless.



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