LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing
LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing

What is your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Your LinkedIn Profile says a lot more about you than you think.  It’s no longer a static resume.  As LinkedIn has evolved into a social platform for B2B, you are given more and more opportunities to showcase your expertise.  By adding in the additional options to your profile, you are more likely to show up as people are looking for answers to questions.  The first thing to to is make sure your profile is optimized.

First Steps in Your LinkedIn Profile

There are so many sections of a LinkedIn profile to fill out, you may wonder how you are going to fill all of them.  Don’t worry about everything, focus on what is relevant to your business and industry.  Add sections which will ultimately enhance your profile and allow you to stand out!

Manually override sections to add in words and phrases that people are searching on the platform. Your headline should include these four elements:

  • What you are
  • Who you help
  • How you make life better
  • Proof you are credible

Industry Keywords

What keywords and phrases best describe what you do?  Include these throughout your profile without stuffing them.  LinkedIn searches the majority of your profile for those words when someone does a search.  Use the summary section and job description to showcase your talents and take a story form or conversational approach instead of strictly bullet points and statistics.

LinkedIn Pulse

Take advantage of blogging through Pulse.  Expand on industry topics and provide insight to your connections so they learn more about you and what services you can offer.  Once posted, a notification will be sent to your connections.  You can also share the article with your groups for further reach and engagement.

Once you’ve taken steps to optimize your profile, there are numerous other activities you can take advantage of that require planning and strategy.



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reputation management, negative social media, social media
reputation management, negative social media, social media

Are you taking care of your online reputation?

Social media continues to open doors and change the ways of the world.  With that, there’s a darker side coming out that doesn’t have to be around.  Complaints on social media in reference to jobs and working aren’t left unnoticed and have long term effects.

What do you find online?

While social media has brought transparency to many things, you still have to realize you are accountable for what you say.  One thing I do when meeting people, hiring, or talking with clients is check out what’s on social media.  What picture is painted?  Would I (or you) still want to do business with the company or hire someone after doing research?  You put a digital footprint forward before anything else, make sure it’s not a bad one.

It’s one thing to be unhappy with a job or industry, but there are plenty of people out there that enjoy what they do.  Therefore, you aren’t painting a kind picture for everyone else who has a positive outlook.  The negative effects within the industry may be broad, but are something that you probably aren’t thinking about.  Quitting your job may not be an options, but it’s really easy to change a mindset and actions.

The aftereffect of negative social media

When posting in a negative light, are you being taken seriously?  We all have unfortunate experiences that should be fixed, just keep the negative off social media.  Chances are it will get fixed and the those stories have lasting effect you want to be remembered and seen for.

Don’t put a negative foot forward and don’t forget to manage your online reputation as a business!





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social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing

One of the best tools you have in your social media marketing is to listen!  Your followers are giving you tons of great insight that you can use to grow your social reach as well as your company.  Paying attention to the chatter in social media will allow for greater awareness of your brand and industry.

Looking for Customers on Social Media

Not only are you looking and waiting for followers to engage your brand, you are able to watch what is being said about competition.  If they aren’t listening and responding, who’s to say you aren’t the one stepping in?  Your competitors unpreparedness can be to your benefit.  Just make sure you are helpful to the consumer.

By monitoring all this chatter, you can also get some insights of your industry and how consumers interact with it.  Are you able to check out all the information and use it to adapt your business services and products to stand out?

Answer Questions on Social Media

Consumers are not only on social media to absorb content, they are there to ask for help.  If you look for it, consumers are asking questions that you and your brand have answer to.  If your business is geo-locational and you can’t help someone directly in another area, you can still offer advice.  By helping with advice, you never know who they know.

Social Media Trends

Social media is a great way to locate trends and join in the conversation.  Especially if you business has any relation to the trend, you definitely want to put your voice and spin on the conversation.  Engage new people and start conversations.

social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing

Don’t forget you are still having conversations on social media

Don’t just get on social media to send out more one-way communication, join in the community to grow your reach.



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Marketing goals, digital marketing targets, targeted marketing
Marketing goals, digital marketing targets, targeted marketing

What goals do you have for Digital Marketing

One question I always ask business owners about social media is why they are on ‘x’ platform.  Did they take the time to research the demographics of the platform or set up goals and milestones while they work to build a presence.  Most of the time these two steps didn’t happen and thus social media frustration sets in for a business owner and they move on to something else.

Social Media Posting Goals

Let’s all take a moment and start setting goals.  Stop posting information haphazardly on social media with the expectation of getting a measurable return.  Two big things that don’t happen on social media:  Asking questions and Creating Call-to-Actions.  These tones in the marketing message give customers a reason to do something and get customers to start creating the conversation.

The conversation on social media is to get your audience engaged and wanting more.  Use your posting as a way to gather information about your customers and better your products and services.  If you know what you are looking for, you have somewhere to focus.

Measuring and Analytics

By knowing what to look for in your digital marketing, you can see the ROI and have tangible information to work with.  These goals are also helpful when you are getting either your team involved or outsourcing your marketing efforts.

Eliminate wasted time on social media when you have action items.  Get a strategy and stick with it!  Those are what we do best.  Does your business have one?



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social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing strategy
social media, conversational marketing, digital marketing strategy

It’s about having a conversation on Social Media

Social media opened the door to conversational marketing and if you aren’t using it in your marketing strategy, you are missing the boat.  If you are one of those businesses that are ‘sell, sell, sell’; it’s likely you aren’t seeing results.

The time and energy needed for this is doable for any business, you just have to be ready and lay a solid foundation with a marketing strategy to succeed.

Targeted Marketing

You want to look at your products and services and determine what a conversation looks like.  How can you take the marketing message from sales to interactive?  Involve your customers and what they do with your business as part of the strategy.  Making customer focused marketing efforts will increase engagement levels with your content.


Figure out what you want to measure and how to be effective at those goals.  It will take some time to collect data and ensure you are moving in the right direction.  Once you have this information, it’s easy to take snapshots on a scheduled basis.  You want to make sure when you look over those snapshots, you understand adjustments can (and should) happen.  You are getting real time data to allow you to make adjustments along the way.

The strategy that you (or someone like me 🙂 ) outline needs to be a document that isn’t etched in stone.  It’s set up as guidelines.  You’re using some material, with extra on hand if someone isn’t working well.  You are going to make modifications along the way and that’s the great thing about real time social data.

Are you prepared for conversational marketing?



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facebook, facebook marketing, social media marketing
facebook, facebook marketing, social media marketing

The biggest social media marketing tool, it still requires lots of work

Facebook has evolved over the years.  And again another algorithm update changes the way marketers can be effective in getting content to their fans.  As marketers and marketing managers, it’s important to have a strong foundation to be successful in the long term as Facebook continues to update the algorithm.

Any Facebook strategy now requires some sort of monetary budget to supplement quality content.  The options vary based on your exact outcome, but the goal is to drive more potential clients to your page, to see you post, and ultimately off Facebook and to your website.  It’s setting up these ad channels and watching them to adjust in real time that helps grow your reach and engagement.

The recent update put a damper on the like option.  Likes help your social proof, however they aren’t as boost worthy towards the algorithm as they once were.  Social proof refers to the ripple effect your fans have by liking and engaging your post, thereby giving outsiders to your company reassurance your information is valuable enough to follow as well.

You want to focus on content, strategy, and long term campaigns to be effective.  You can’t go into Facebook without a game plan.  It will show and your analytics will also show that fact.  Curating quality content that fans will be more likely to share themselves.  Think about what the end goal is of someone seeing your Facebook page and status updates.



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customer experience, social media, effective management
customer experience, social media, effective management

Do you have an effective way to manage all your clients?

Social media is meant to enhance the customer experience, not replace.  Social media is another expense in your business, but it shouldn’t come at a cost to other services.  Especially when it comes to your customers!

Your customer service and experience is still the number one reason that continues to grow your business.  Taking care of them builds a peer review system that elevates your business.  Social media comes in to enhance this experience.

Reaching and Engaging Your Customers

Chances are there are various ways in which you communicate with your clients.  As you add new channels for this purpose, you can’t ignore the ones you already have in place.  Pick communication channels based on what you can handle in your business and where your customers are.

It’s important to know about new marketing opportunities for your business, but don’t take on more than you can handle.  Over extending yourself unfortunately has a negative effect on customer experience.  Don’t assume that by having social media, you can ignore customer request from other sources they are use to.

Managing your Marketing

Make sure you balance your team and budget.  It’s about overall success, not chasing what is new or what everyone else is doing.  As you grow, ensure that everyone on your team knows what expectations are moving forward.  Keep track of how your growth will enhance your experience with your customer as well as their experience with your business.

Let us work with you on an audience analysis so you know where to be marketing!






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