3 Quick Tips to Review Your SEO and Content Marketing

content marketing, seo strategy, digital marketing

SEO and Content Marketing have become a word that you can’t walk 10 ft without hearing if you have a website, have a business, or use google search.  It’s an important part of a business and something no one can ignore.  The kicker is, we are overloaded with quick tips, this and that, etc.

My hope in adding to the mix is looking at a couple of the foundational items often overlooked when talking about SEO.

SEO requires 3 key components that you may think have nothing to do with SEO at first – but they can make or break your long-term success.

content marketing, seo strategy, digital marketing

Have a solid marketing plan and strategy in place to succeed

Content Marketing

Content takes on many different forms and fashions depending on your business.  At the heart of SEO, it developing relevant and timely content.  It’s sharing that content with your audience (more than once in some platforms).  It’s ensuring you talk about the right parts of the content that your audience is searching for.  Use google search to see what people are looking for.  What headlines are showing up?  What related searches are available?  This all can help you generate content that is both timely and relevant to your audience.

Time Management

You will need to set aside the time to address SEO.  Whether it’s writing a blog post(s), optimizing photos as they are loaded into galleries, or scheduling social media content to drive traffic; All of this plays into driving traffic to your website.  Just like you would schedule time for a team meeting or client meeting, so too does your SEO efforts need to be planned and scheduled out.  Like any skill or task – it gets better with time.


SEO is run by robots and algorithms with some human review.  The system is designed to recognize patterns and associations.  When you’re consistent in the overall SEO efforts, it’s recognized and will be rewarded over time.  You need to aim to post your blog posts on the same day of the week and same time of the day, EVERY TIME.  Once you select and set a schedule, you have to stick by it.  Most blogging platforms allow you to draft, edit, and schedule post.  This ensures you are remaining consistent to the algorithms which will know to come back and see what you are up to.

As with any new venture or program – nothing happens overnight, and the beginning is the hardest part – those who succeed are those who DO and don’t overthink their efforts.  What are your tips to staying consistent with content marketing?