Are You Ready for Mobile Content Marketing?

mobile marketing, customer experience, social media marketing
mobile marketing, customer experience, social media marketing

How are you reaching Customers in Mobile Marketing?

Online eCommerce and shopping has become the norm.  The process to buy online has also been simplified.  With marketing being built around content for maximum affect, you have to start merging the gap between marketing and purchasing.

Mobile Marketing

Technology is making it easier to buy quickly and with less friction.  Friction breaks down to steps taken completing a transaction.  More steps and the conversion rate to final sale drops after each step.  Now companies are making one & two click purchases easy within their advertising.

One-Click Buying

Your content marketing has to consider the one click buy now.  Pinterest is a perfect example.  Most of the purchase process is done within Pinterest and little to no interaction with the businesses actual online store.

Is Your Marketing Mobile-Friendly?

What does your marketing look like now to drive purchases and first buys directly from other channels?  You have to remember the first buys are the hardest sells, after that they know and like your product.  So this mind-set is a good starting point.  When thinking about marketing, pay attention to factors you use in attracting those first time buyers.  Incorporate them into the one/two click purchase social advertising for maximum impact with repeat buyers.

Remember to keep your ‘sales’ chatter to an even balance.  Social Media still isn’t about direct selling, but more creating the brand awareness and lifestyle around your company customers will embrace.  When the hard sell comes out in advertising, you are not going to have the results you wanted.

Start working towards a strategy with long term planning for everything coming in marketing!