Relevant and Informative Content Marketing

content marketing, blogging, social media, checklist
content marketing, blogging, social media, checklist

Creating steps to content marketing

What are you saying online?  The content you produce as a business should be geared towards your ideal customer.  Ultimately if the content is sharable, that’s a win win for you.

One type of content marketing that has been around and shows no sign of being irrelevant: How-To’s.  Any industry has plenty of information to be broken down in a practical way.  Depending on the industry, this information can be useful for a significant period of time which means greater relevance long term.  For an industry that changes rapidly, can you add updates?

This type of content is actionable.  You have to get specific about a topic or area to be highly effective.  It’s also a great way to put your companies spin on how you do things and why your company stands out from the rest.  The goal with any content is not to just relate it to your customer, but also relate it back to your business.

In the world of search, so much information is out there and you can’t be vague on these.  Someone is more likely to skim and move on to the next article to find what they are looking for in that case.  And that skim is not good for search ranking.

As I mentioned earlier, there are always going to be changes and updates to content you post.  This can allow you to recycle content, thereby making it a little less work on your part.  Updating a step or two from an older piece of content is an easy way to continue to build successful content marketing.

With any marketing, outlining and creating a strategy up front will guide you into success.