Are You Set-up and Using Visuals in Digital Marketing?

visual marketing, social media marketing, social media apps, digital marketing
visual marketing, social media marketing, social media apps, digital marketing

Are visuals part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s time for your marketing messages and digital content to go visual!  Whether a photo or video, these post have higher engagement and reach among your followers.  So why and how can you be more effective with creating these visual options?

Visual Digital Marketing Strategy

Look at your marketing strategy as well as your products and services.  What aspects can you turn into a video for a social post, tutorial, or introduction?  Surely if a visual can enhance what you are marketing online, it’s best to do it!  Think about how your ideal customer will engage with the content.  You can also look to what others do for inspiration.

Content Reach and Engagement

Getting your content seen on social media channels is starting to get more challenging if you are a small business trying to manage it on your own.  Even full service marketing teams are working hard to stay in front of their fans.  Visuals have automatically be known to have a higher reach.  Facebook now has it’s own video service built in.  So by using it, the statics already show you’ll have a higher reach.

One way to maximize your visual efforts is with text overlays.  For Facebook, videos will start automatically without sound.  If you have text attached, it’s more likely to get the message across.  Photos can be enhanced with Text overlays as long as the photos purpose gets across.  Text can be another way to create call to actions helping to move customers along in a sales funnel.


There are plenty of tools out there to help create your visual content and services.  Make sure your Social Media Marketing Strategy is moving forward with lots of visual components to it!