Are you using social media to complain?

reputation management, negative social media, social media
reputation management, negative social media, social media

Are you taking care of your online reputation?

Social media continues to open doors and change the ways of the world.  With that, there’s a darker side coming out that doesn’t have to be around.  Complaints on social media in reference to jobs and working aren’t left unnoticed and have long term effects.

What do you find online?

While social media has brought transparency to many things, you still have to realize you are accountable for what you say.  One thing I do when meeting people, hiring, or talking with clients is check out what’s on social media.  What picture is painted?  Would I (or you) still want to do business with the company or hire someone after doing research?  You put a digital footprint forward before anything else, make sure it’s not a bad one.

It’s one thing to be unhappy with a job or industry, but there are plenty of people out there that enjoy what they do.  Therefore, you aren’t painting a kind picture for everyone else who has a positive outlook.  The negative effects within the industry may be broad, but are something that you probably aren’t thinking about.  Quitting your job may not be an options, but it’s really easy to change a mindset and actions.

The aftereffect of negative social media

When posting in a negative light, are you being taken seriously?  We all have unfortunate experiences that should be fixed, just keep the negative off social media.  Chances are it will get fixed and the those stories have lasting effect you want to be remembered and seen for.

Don’t put a negative foot forward and don’t forget to manage your online reputation as a business!