Be Thoughtful About Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

social media, hashtags, digital marketing, marketing strategy, social media management
social media, hashtags, digital marketing, marketing strategy, social media management

Are you being effective with Hashtags?

Marketing hashtags have become the norm whether they are personalized/customized to your business, for an event, or just general use.  With so much content generated by so many sources, you have to find a way to stand out from the rest.

Plan ahead with your Marketing hashtags

The strategy behind them can’t haphazard.  You want to put some thought into the details.  Look at what’s popular, look at how customers will interact and use ones you create.  What will it look like online when you launch a hashtag campaign?

Marketing considerations to remember:

  • Are you diving into the popular conversation?  This is a great way to grow your audience and increase your reach.  The popular hashtags used within your industry are full of experts and people asking questions.  It’s your job to enhance the conversation.


  • How does geography play into your business?  Areas, cities, states, etc. lend themselves to their own hashtags narrowing down the conversation.  Utilizing the geography aspect when relevant to your business or marketing message will help further get you in front of your target audience.


  • Are you having an event and want to find the conversation?  Event hashtags allow you to manage additional aspects of your event conversation.  Stay on top of monitoring all social media channels to make sure when things arise, you are able to respond quickly.


  • Are you ready to create your own?  This is a great way to create brand awareness and get customers to engage with you beyond just a simple transaction.  They will be more willing to share their story in conjunction with your product to their audience.


Be sure to give some thought on the matter before diving into a new strategy.  Your early planning will help you succeed in the long term.