Social Media isn’t a Replacement for Customer Experience

customer experience, social media, effective management
customer experience, social media, effective management

Do you have an effective way to manage all your clients?

Social media is meant to enhance the customer experience, not replace.  Social media is another expense in your business, but it shouldn’t come at a cost to other services.  Especially when it comes to your customers!

Your customer service and experience is still the number one reason that continues to grow your business.  Taking care of them builds a peer review system that elevates your business.  Social media comes in to enhance this experience.

Reaching and Engaging Your Customers

Chances are there are various ways in which you communicate with your clients.  As you add new channels for this purpose, you can’t ignore the ones you already have in place.  Pick communication channels based on what you can handle in your business and where your customers are.

It’s important to know about new marketing opportunities for your business, but don’t take on more than you can handle.  Over extending yourself unfortunately has a negative effect on customer experience.  Don’t assume that by having social media, you can ignore customer request from other sources they are use to.

Managing your Marketing

Make sure you balance your team and budget.  It’s about overall success, not chasing what is new or what everyone else is doing.  As you grow, ensure that everyone on your team knows what expectations are moving forward.  Keep track of how your growth will enhance your experience with your customer as well as their experience with your business.

Let us work with you on an audience analysis so you know where to be marketing!