Which Social Media Platforms for your Business?

With so many social media platforms out there to engage your customers and consumers, which platforms should your business engage?  While the longer conversation comes in the form of setting up a long term strategy, here are some handy tips to ask before diving into a new marketing angle.

Before you dive into Social Media to quick

In a previous post, we talked about Finding Your Social Media Voice in your business.  Now that you figured out the voice, it’s time to make sure someone hears you!  I might have a broken record on this statement, but you need to be doing what you are comfortable with and can manage.  Don’t bit off more than you can chew.  Typically most businesses can boil down to either a Product or Service.

Service Oriented

  • LinkedIn:  This is a great platform to showcase yourself as an expert.  Join groups and add to the discussions.  Search for people based on various criteria to target your audience and potential customers.  Share information from your website, blog, and other industry specific news.
  • Twitter:  I’m a big fan of twitter.  It allows for an international reach right from my iPhone!  Share constantly and don’t forget to follow like minded individuals.  Engage with them and others to continue to build your reach.
  • Blogging:  In the service business, content is key!  You are selling something non-tangible, so people need to see more information.  This also allows fresh content on your website as well.

Product Oriented

  • Twitter:  Did I mention I’m a fan??  Twitters latest venture is to allow one click purchases right from the app, so why wouldn’t you put your products on twitter?
  • Instagram:  Your product is tangible, so show it off!  Visuals are the the best way to represent your products.  Don’t be afraid to have fun with the photos.  Tell stories or create characters.
  • Pinterest:  Business Pinterest pages allow Rich Pins, which allow for greater information and details about your product.

Now of course there is overlap in Social Media and I encourage you to explore all platforms.  Just remember once you start, you have to stick with it, so don’t over do it.

We are happy to set up a coaching session to discuss your long term strategy and outline to grow your business on social media, so contact us today!