Why Your LinkedIn Shouldn’t Be Static Anymore

LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing
LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing

What is your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Your LinkedIn Profile says a lot more about you than you think.  It’s no longer a static resume.  As LinkedIn has evolved into a social platform for B2B, you are given more and more opportunities to showcase your expertise.  By adding in the additional options to your profile, you are more likely to show up as people are looking for answers to questions.  The first thing to to is make sure your profile is optimized.

First Steps in Your LinkedIn Profile

There are so many sections of a LinkedIn profile to fill out, you may wonder how you are going to fill all of them.  Don’t worry about everything, focus on what is relevant to your business and industry.  Add sections which will ultimately enhance your profile and allow you to stand out!

Manually override sections to add in words and phrases that people are searching on the platform. Your headline should include these four elements:

  • What you are
  • Who you help
  • How you make life better
  • Proof you are credible

Industry Keywords

What keywords and phrases best describe what you do?  Include these throughout your profile without stuffing them.  LinkedIn searches the majority of your profile for those words when someone does a search.  Use the summary section and job description to showcase your talents and take a story form or conversational approach instead of strictly bullet points and statistics.

LinkedIn Pulse

Take advantage of blogging through Pulse.  Expand on industry topics and provide insight to your connections so they learn more about you and what services you can offer.  Once posted, a notification will be sent to your connections.  You can also share the article with your groups for further reach and engagement.

Once you’ve taken steps to optimize your profile, there are numerous other activities you can take advantage of that require planning and strategy.