blogging, blog, content marketing, digital marketing, social media
blogging, blog, content marketing, digital marketing, social media

Are you blogging?

If you are ready to jump into content marketing as a small business, setting up a solid foundation will give you lasting results.  When referring to content marketing, I’m talking about your website blog.  Your business is now becoming a news source for your ideal customer.

Once you start up the content marketing engine, you have to keep at it.  Taking these steps before you start will ensure you don’t run out of steam.

Content Marketing Steps

  • Set a schedule:  Find out what you (or your team) can manage.  You need to keep a consistent schedule day(s) of week and time(s).



  • Finding content:  Look at websites you use currently for reading content.  Set up Google Alerts around keywords and topics you are interested in.  Look for questions people are asking and answer them in a blog, then tell the person to check out what you wrote.


  • Linking rule of thumb:  In most blog post you write, there should be one internal and one external link.  Post will come up that require multiple, which is fine.



When working with clients, we talk about this as well as how to tie in your social media marketing efforts.  Let us know what we can do to help your business build a marketing strategy.


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content marketing, marketing strategy, social media, digital marketing
content marketing, marketing strategy, social media, digital marketing

Are you helping your customers in your marketing efforts?

While content marketing has a shiny new name, it’s been around since John Deere’s first magazine.  The big shift that business are starting to catch on to though is why they need to utilize content marketing.

What businesses haven’t been focused on is how they are formatting their marketing message.  Consumers now have so many options for viewing and engaging on content, why are they interested in yours?  How are you helping your customers beyond the point of sale to keep them talking about your business?

Your marketing message needs to be customer focused.  It’s finding those details about your customers you haven’t needed previously.  As you develop a customer base, find ways to get more details out of customers through the buyers journey.  What questions or fun facts can you learn that tie back to your products and services?

As you learn more about your customers and start sending them information they want and need, you’ll capture their attention.  As that momentum builds, customers will be more likely to spread your messaging to their friends.

Ensure less friction by knowing where your customers are already at on social media channels and go there.  Learn the platform and what the marketing message looks like.  See what customers are doing on the platform so you are providing what they already are looking for and engaging.

You’ll see an amazing return on investment when your marketing efforts focus on content and your customers.  Take steps now before your competitors do for success long term.



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content marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, social media, sales funnel
content marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, social media, sales funnel

Get and keep customers with marketing.

Sales Touch Points

More than creating content for your customers, the content provides them with more and more chances to interact with your business.  In any sales funnel, there are multiple touch points any customer has to go through before making a purchase.

There are plenty of studies and statistics showing it takes buyers multiple times seeing your business and interacting with the business to turn into a sale.  The ability now is determining what those interactions are.

So what are some content pieces you can start curating internally giving customers information and a reason to interact with your business?

  • Posting on social media:  Keep your business front of mind with engaging content your ideal customer is looking for online.  Make sure the content offers people a reason to head back to your website.


  • A free e-book:  There’s aspects about your industry and business that can be broken down into a ‘top 10’ or ‘best practices’ or ‘trends’.  This content becomes hidden behind an email sign-up form and the book becomes a lead generation.


  • Host a contest on social media:  Do you have something you can offer?  Maybe you are trying to reach a goal in your audience numbers.  Using a 3rd party app on Facebook or other social media platforms, you can monitor, collect leads, and pick a winner.


  • Host a webinar:  You’ve been spending all this time generating leads, gathering emails and customers through all this content.  Now take all those leads and give them an opportunity to buy a new product you’ve created.


All of this work is predicated on knowing your Ideal Customer.  If you don’t have customer profiles, download our free e-book to create those.

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content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media
content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media

Where is your business in it’s Content Marketing Strategy

Your small business needs to think of itself as a news source.  If you don’t provide the information to your customer, the competition will.  Your customer is looking and you have the ability to capture their attention.

Your Friend is Big Data

There is a wealth of information available to you about your customers that’s it becomes easier for you to answer questions that your customer are asking.  It also allows you to add value to their experience on social media.  By pulling this data and analyzing, your content marketing strategy can grow your business past your competitor.

Measure and Track Content Marketing

Measure your content ROI when you have call to actions and lead generation on your website.  Do you have a free e-book or newsletter sign up?  Perhaps a new product.  Your content marketing strategy is leading someone to take an action.  If your content isn’t getting someone to take action, review it and make changes.

Our digital marketing world allows for instant feedback and changes so you are able to optimize and create the highest conversions within your business for products and services.  It can be as simple as button color all the way to how easy someone can read and absorb the information.

Is your content personalized and written in a way it speaks to someone?  This can also have a direct impact on conversions.  If someone feels they are being communicated with and not at, they are more at ease and willing to listen.  When you have them listening, tell them what they want!

You’re still helping your customer, there’s just more to offer.  Find our what that looks like for your business!



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storytelling, marketing strategy, digital marketing
storytelling, marketing strategy, digital marketing

How can your business turn into a story?

Content marketing isn’t new, but the fancy title has companies large and small trying to get it right.  It’s changing the way B2B & B2C engage with each other.  It’s only going to get more personalized as more and more details and data are in the hands of marketers.

So why is content marketing so important and effective?

A big component is the story telling aspect.  Stories have been around for millennia and we are able to relate and understand them.  Your business has to turn into a story.  What’s that great novel about?  What are chapters and short stories within the novel going to touch on?

Marketing as Storytelling

This storytelling skill is sometimes best left to the journalist.  Marketing professionals are starting to understand the skill, but it’s a unique writing style.  Expanding on the content produced by your company in a story form will allow you to further connect with your customers and build a community.  They will be more likely to also share stories if they feel they can relate.

Finding this sweet spot isn’t easy, and take time and continued work on the messages you send out.  Marketers again have to add a new skill to their tool box in order to meet this new demand.  Especially if you don’t reach out and find a journalist to join your team.


Are you ready to tackle the project of creating a story board?  Think outside the box and look to your customers lifestyle.  Tie these key points together when creating a long term digital marketing and content strategy to ensure your company is ready to take on future marketing.



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content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing


content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing

Content Marketing is a constant upkeep

Creating content takes a thoughtful eye and lots of energy, however the payoff can be completely worth it.  Content with all the right bells and whistles is something that has to be done over and over.  Content marketing and any marketing is a long game that needs constant attention and nurturing.

Why Content Marketing

So why is this a big puzzle piece these days?  In our increasing digital world, you are constantly vying for attention from consumers.  What do they like and what do they want to share.  What are they sharing now?

You already have your ideal customer outlined and profiled, look at them on social media and see what they are sharing.  See your content being shared by them then create it.  Having sharable content is your golden ticket.

Content Sharing

Having people share your content is the ultimate boost in your organic reach online.  It also opens you up to new prospective clients.  When these prospective clients engage with your content, are they engaging the way you want them to?  You always want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in any and all content you produce.

Are you structuring your content in a way that would entice someone to share it?  Think of useful information you would share from a company.  The great thing as a content producer is having the ability to look at what you do as a consumer for a vantage point you can utilize.  Flipping the vantage point gives a great boost to always having content on the back burner.



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content marketing, digital marketing, audience reach
content marketing, digital marketing, audience reach

Is your Content Marketing attracting the right person

Is your content converting?  Your business should be sharing lots of valuable content to your audience.  As you are sharing this content, is your audience also sharing the content with their following?  A digital marketing strategy is an important document in an successful business.  Take the extra time early on to organize your strategy to keep you on track and your customers coming back for more.


The first part of content marketing is making sure you are posting content your customers will appreciate and share.  If they find value, chances are they know someone else online that will find value in your content.  This is the greatest social proof to outsiders.  It also boosts organic reach and analytics.  When your content is sharable, it has the potential to go viral, which varies based on your current reach.


The next step to great content, measuring your call to actions and seeing visitors taking the next step in your sales process.  As this step can be tracked, you can start to breakdown the data and create goals based on visitors, clicks, and follow throughs.  The smallest changes can help increase the conversion percentage by double digits if you are paying attention.

Measure and Adjustments

As you build out and implement a digital marketing strategy, it’s important to watch the measurable goals and be ready to make adjustments.  As you continue to break down the data points, you are able to focus more and more on growth and finding what needs help and what is working in real-time.

What goals work for you and what goals do you wish you could track better?



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