digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media
digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media

What social and digital marketing tools does your business use?

Digital Marketing may seem like it has no personal connection to your customers, but in reality, it’s one of the best ways to keep a personal connection with them.  Selling to someone once doesn’t mean they will remember you the next time.  You have to engage them and make them feel like a valuable customer over and over.

Email Marketing

How often do you check your email in a day?  How many of those newsletters do you open even if you don’t like ‘junk mail’?  Email Marketing is still a powerful tool in your marketing efforts.  It gives you the ability to share exact information you want the reader to see and offer a direct ways for them to said information.  Just remember to add their name into the email.

Social Media Customer Service

For some companies, it’s easier to get an answer on social media vs. sitting on the phone.  As we check our emails multiple times a day, we are on social media multiple times a day.  So if they start asking questions or acknowledging your presence on social media, you want to make sure and engage with them.  In sales, you have to make multiple attempts to hook someone, commenting on social media counts as multiple attempts in one action.

Online Community

Generating content online about your brand and industry is key to staying top of mind for customers and search.  This starts to form an online community of readers who value your insight.  This can be taken further by creating a special area for super fans that might include free samples or asking for direct feedback on new items before you release to the public.

With numerous ways to engage online, it gives you the ability to connect personally without having to knock on doors.  Just make sure you have a game plan before diving in.



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creative marketing, marketing loop, business marketing
creative marketing, marketing loop, business marketing

Are you asking these questions?

While the word viral is more widely known and everyone is hoping for the one marketing post that will go viral.  However what isn’t talked about is all the work before something goes viral and building up a brand.  There is also the case of what happens during and after a viral component of your marketing.

Steps to Social Media Creativity

So let’s talk about being creative on social media so regardless of a viral component, you are fully engaging your fans.  One great tool to easily and quickly implement are GIFs.  You are already sharing photos, so why not take it to the next level.

Personalize parts of your business.  Think outside the box and look around the office.  The best way is to give you a couple examples:

  • A window cleaning company can give their squeegees names, personalities, stories, etc.  Why does the object have to only be an object?
  • The office coffee maker.  Who wouldn’t want to hear it’s perspective?  The coffee maker may have an opinion on what it overheard, or what coffee is being used, or it’s work load.  You could easily tie those points back to your business
  • How about a professional speaker.  Speakers travel, they may have a mobile office, and may travel with their own microphone.  You could turn them into an assistant with a personality.

Looking at creative ideas can come in any way, shape, form.  Who remembers Office Space?  The stapler took on a character all it’s own.

I’m here to help you create those creative social media and digital marketing strategies to give your business a competitive edge!



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