blogging, blog, content marketing, digital marketing, social media
blogging, blog, content marketing, digital marketing, social media

Are you blogging?

If you are ready to jump into content marketing as a small business, setting up a solid foundation will give you lasting results.  When referring to content marketing, I’m talking about your website blog.  Your business is now becoming a news source for your ideal customer.

Once you start up the content marketing engine, you have to keep at it.  Taking these steps before you start will ensure you don’t run out of steam.

Content Marketing Steps

  • Set a schedule:  Find out what you (or your team) can manage.  You need to keep a consistent schedule day(s) of week and time(s).



  • Finding content:  Look at websites you use currently for reading content.  Set up Google Alerts around keywords and topics you are interested in.  Look for questions people are asking and answer them in a blog, then tell the person to check out what you wrote.


  • Linking rule of thumb:  In most blog post you write, there should be one internal and one external link.  Post will come up that require multiple, which is fine.



When working with clients, we talk about this as well as how to tie in your social media marketing efforts.  Let us know what we can do to help your business build a marketing strategy.


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content marketing, marketing strategy, social media, digital marketing
content marketing, marketing strategy, social media, digital marketing

Are you helping your customers in your marketing efforts?

While content marketing has a shiny new name, it’s been around since John Deere’s first magazine.  The big shift that business are starting to catch on to though is why they need to utilize content marketing.

What businesses haven’t been focused on is how they are formatting their marketing message.  Consumers now have so many options for viewing and engaging on content, why are they interested in yours?  How are you helping your customers beyond the point of sale to keep them talking about your business?

Your marketing message needs to be customer focused.  It’s finding those details about your customers you haven’t needed previously.  As you develop a customer base, find ways to get more details out of customers through the buyers journey.  What questions or fun facts can you learn that tie back to your products and services?

As you learn more about your customers and start sending them information they want and need, you’ll capture their attention.  As that momentum builds, customers will be more likely to spread your messaging to their friends.

Ensure less friction by knowing where your customers are already at on social media channels and go there.  Learn the platform and what the marketing message looks like.  See what customers are doing on the platform so you are providing what they already are looking for and engaging.

You’ll see an amazing return on investment when your marketing efforts focus on content and your customers.  Take steps now before your competitors do for success long term.



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Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing
Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing

Getting your B2B Sales team to think of Social Media

Your B2B sales team has hopefully been successful at adapting to the changing landscape of sales.  Social media has become an integral part of the process to learn about prospects and customers.  They are likely to share valuable information about themselves online which can help a sales team better manger the conversations.

Sales Conversations

It can be much easier to start sales conversations and relationships when you already have some background information on your prospects.  Getting your sales team on social media platforms or integrating with your CRM will only help your team.  The valuable information provided allows the sales team to share information targeted to the prospect.

What is your sales process?  What aspects already have personal touches or could use personal touches?  Marketing content from a business is built out as a resource to its customers.  Your sales team should be part of this process.  The personalized marketing shift needs to also shift within your sales team.

Personalize the Sales Process

Sales calls can be made easier by knowing personal aspects.  Using social media dashboards or data companies that aggregate personal information, you’ll learn a wealth of information.  Information that can make or break a sales call.

While sales and marketing teams will be focused on different goals, the information each needs and collects is integral to each others success.  Giving each team access to the other will help grow your company.

It all starts with knowing your ideal customer!  Start creating customer profiles so you know who you are talking to and looking for.

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content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media
content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing, social media

Where is your business in it’s Content Marketing Strategy

Your small business needs to think of itself as a news source.  If you don’t provide the information to your customer, the competition will.  Your customer is looking and you have the ability to capture their attention.

Your Friend is Big Data

There is a wealth of information available to you about your customers that’s it becomes easier for you to answer questions that your customer are asking.  It also allows you to add value to their experience on social media.  By pulling this data and analyzing, your content marketing strategy can grow your business past your competitor.

Measure and Track Content Marketing

Measure your content ROI when you have call to actions and lead generation on your website.  Do you have a free e-book or newsletter sign up?  Perhaps a new product.  Your content marketing strategy is leading someone to take an action.  If your content isn’t getting someone to take action, review it and make changes.

Our digital marketing world allows for instant feedback and changes so you are able to optimize and create the highest conversions within your business for products and services.  It can be as simple as button color all the way to how easy someone can read and absorb the information.

Is your content personalized and written in a way it speaks to someone?  This can also have a direct impact on conversions.  If someone feels they are being communicated with and not at, they are more at ease and willing to listen.  When you have them listening, tell them what they want!

You’re still helping your customer, there’s just more to offer.  Find our what that looks like for your business!



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social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy
social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy

Keep track of your time and have a plan of attack.

One of the biggest issues around social media is time management.  How is all this time on social media having a positive effect on my business?  A common questions and statement you say often.  While there are lots of ways to get sucked into cat videos, going in with a plan can mean all the difference in the world.

To be effective on social media, you need to have a plan of attack and some time management skills in your back pocket.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will be a great way to organize your time.  This will act as a manual for target dates, goals, and help shape when you need to be on social media.  Your strategy allows you to schedule content ahead of time and know when to monitor and engage in comments.

There are plenty of platforms and services that assist in scheduling your marketing messages on the different platforms.  Combine this with smartphone apps.  Smartphone apps allow for push notifications.  As your fans and customers engage you, the app allows you to respond quickly.

Time Management

You already schedule meetings, lunches, and other activities on your calendar.  Social Media should be no different.  Reviewing your strategy, look at your goals and determine how often you should be on different platforms throughout the week.

When working with clients, we are sure to help them block out times for social media.  Taking into consideration customers, the different platforms, and their level of involvement in the platform.  One way to start this journey is by figuring out your ideal customer.  Download our e-book to help create customer profiles today!


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social media, social media advocates, customer expereince
social media, social media advocates, customer expereince

Leverage your employees social connections

Are you wanting to engage and empower your staff to becomes social media advocates for the company?  Leveraging your team can be a powerful way to increase engagement and reach on social media.  First, you have to lay a foundation of policies and procedures to ensure your staff represent your company in a positive light.

Social Media Guidelines

Your first step is developing an outline of expectations.  Don’t assume your employees know how to use social media.  Provide context behind why they are posting, what language to use, and how to handle various situations.  Don’t discourage employees who aren’t on social media or choose not to participate.

Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms where employees can create relationships with clients.  If your company uses Google Apps, then all your employees have access to a Google+ Page and YouTube channel.  When building out your businesses digital marketing and content strategy, how can employees add value?

Social Relationships

Your staff should be creating social connections through these platforms.  They get to know their clients on a more personal level to start providing additional information and connections which may not directly affect your business, but have long term benefits.

Provide your employees with the tools to succeed on social media.  Put management tools in place designed for multiple accounts and users so it becomes an internal online community.

Social Proof

Use social media to showcase company culture and what’s happening around the office.  By sharing company culture from an employee’s perspective, it gives social proof to clients and potential new hires the value you bring to the table.



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LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing
LinkedIn, social media, social media marketing

What is your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Your LinkedIn Profile says a lot more about you than you think.  It’s no longer a static resume.  As LinkedIn has evolved into a social platform for B2B, you are given more and more opportunities to showcase your expertise.  By adding in the additional options to your profile, you are more likely to show up as people are looking for answers to questions.  The first thing to to is make sure your profile is optimized.

First Steps in Your LinkedIn Profile

There are so many sections of a LinkedIn profile to fill out, you may wonder how you are going to fill all of them.  Don’t worry about everything, focus on what is relevant to your business and industry.  Add sections which will ultimately enhance your profile and allow you to stand out!

Manually override sections to add in words and phrases that people are searching on the platform. Your headline should include these four elements:

  • What you are
  • Who you help
  • How you make life better
  • Proof you are credible

Industry Keywords

What keywords and phrases best describe what you do?  Include these throughout your profile without stuffing them.  LinkedIn searches the majority of your profile for those words when someone does a search.  Use the summary section and job description to showcase your talents and take a story form or conversational approach instead of strictly bullet points and statistics.

LinkedIn Pulse

Take advantage of blogging through Pulse.  Expand on industry topics and provide insight to your connections so they learn more about you and what services you can offer.  Once posted, a notification will be sent to your connections.  You can also share the article with your groups for further reach and engagement.

Once you’ve taken steps to optimize your profile, there are numerous other activities you can take advantage of that require planning and strategy.



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