customer experience, customer service, social media, ideal customer, marketing strategy
customer experience, customer service, social media, ideal customer, marketing strategy

Who are you Marketing to?

It’s time to use your analytics on social media to figure out more about your customers.  In order for marketing strategies to be highly effective in our social and technological world, you have to know more and more details.

Marketing messages have to be personalized and targeted for maximum effect.  How are you capturing this information and turning it around to your advantage?

Develop Your Social Media Customer

You can start to build a picture of someone by looking at their social media.  Who they follow as well as what they post online plays into learning more about the customer.  These details play into the emotional side of a person.  Their opinions can start to be outlined which can lead you to think about how they might perceive your products or services.

How much money someone has or would spend on products and services can be told through social media profiles.  Going back to pages and businesses they like, you don’t have to know what kind of car they drive, but you can infer.  This financial component is key in knowing who is capable of purchasing with you.

What habits do your customers have?  This is another find when looking through a customer on social media.  From something as simple as Starbucks frequency to travel.  Are they someone who values the ease of Starbucks?  Do they travel for work or pleasure?

Create Your Customer Profiles

All of these instances are ways of looking at your customer from their shoes to gather information that will help your business succeed at developing what they need

and want.  Check out our Customer Profile E-Book, a free download to help you build out your ideal customer!



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social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy
social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy

Keep track of your time and have a plan of attack.

One of the biggest issues around social media is time management.  How is all this time on social media having a positive effect on my business?  A common questions and statement you say often.  While there are lots of ways to get sucked into cat videos, going in with a plan can mean all the difference in the world.

To be effective on social media, you need to have a plan of attack and some time management skills in your back pocket.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will be a great way to organize your time.  This will act as a manual for target dates, goals, and help shape when you need to be on social media.  Your strategy allows you to schedule content ahead of time and know when to monitor and engage in comments.

There are plenty of platforms and services that assist in scheduling your marketing messages on the different platforms.  Combine this with smartphone apps.  Smartphone apps allow for push notifications.  As your fans and customers engage you, the app allows you to respond quickly.

Time Management

You already schedule meetings, lunches, and other activities on your calendar.  Social Media should be no different.  Reviewing your strategy, look at your goals and determine how often you should be on different platforms throughout the week.

When working with clients, we are sure to help them block out times for social media.  Taking into consideration customers, the different platforms, and their level of involvement in the platform.  One way to start this journey is by figuring out your ideal customer.  Download our e-book to help create customer profiles today!


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social media, digital marketing
social media, digital marketing

Remember to take care of your customers on social media

We all want followers who fawn over us and do everything we say, while 100% may not, you certainly can incorporate some tactics to make sure you get maximum value out of marketing messages.  These are action items you can start working into your ‘social media time blocks’ today.

Marketing Call-to-Action

This is a tried and true action so often overlooked.  If you aren’t encouraging your fans to do something, they aren’t going to read your mind.  What’s on your website you can direct them to?  Maybe you are running a marketing campaign to lead up to a sale.  Or you have something for free to offer!

Interact With Your Followers

Just like your following can interact with you, why aren’t you talking to them?  I see so many questions not answered on social media when looking at business accounts.  This is a marketing gold mind.  And when you don’t take advantage, you loose customers.

Create Content for Them

You should already know your target audience and ideal customer, which means you know what they are looking for.  You know those areas they need help with, or what they would share with their friends.  Everyone is looking for information, as a smart marketer and business owner, you know what that something is.

Share Their Content

If your followers are promoting you on social media by taking pictures with your products or tagging you in status updates, share what they have to say.  It adds to your social proof online showing you care about your followers.



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customer experience, social media, effective management
customer experience, social media, effective management

Do you have an effective way to manage all your clients?

Social media is meant to enhance the customer experience, not replace.  Social media is another expense in your business, but it shouldn’t come at a cost to other services.  Especially when it comes to your customers!

Your customer service and experience is still the number one reason that continues to grow your business.  Taking care of them builds a peer review system that elevates your business.  Social media comes in to enhance this experience.

Reaching and Engaging Your Customers

Chances are there are various ways in which you communicate with your clients.  As you add new channels for this purpose, you can’t ignore the ones you already have in place.  Pick communication channels based on what you can handle in your business and where your customers are.

It’s important to know about new marketing opportunities for your business, but don’t take on more than you can handle.  Over extending yourself unfortunately has a negative effect on customer experience.  Don’t assume that by having social media, you can ignore customer request from other sources they are use to.

Managing your Marketing

Make sure you balance your team and budget.  It’s about overall success, not chasing what is new or what everyone else is doing.  As you grow, ensure that everyone on your team knows what expectations are moving forward.  Keep track of how your growth will enhance your experience with your customer as well as their experience with your business.

Let us work with you on an audience analysis so you know where to be marketing!






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Customer Experience, social media, marketing strategy
Customer Experience, social media, marketing strategy

Are you paying attention to the Customer Experience?

We all want to find those loyal fans that will take in all our marketing collateral and share it with the world.  And consumers want to be showered with great content they can use.  It’s a win-win right?

When you use social media for personal reasons, what do you value?  As a business, you have to look at social media from both angles to get a clear understanding of what you need to send out as a business.  As the students point out in their assessment of social media management for themselves, they had a couple of great takeaways that can be effective in your business social media.


Customers are looking for valuable content to absorb.  They need to have a handful of go-to sources of information for various reasons.  The question to you and your business is how can you ensure they use you for that information?  When thinking about your audience to generate content, you can start to learn what they value and over time, the content generation will get easier.

Personality & Personalized

Having the mentality ‘all work and no play’ on social media won’t get you far with your fans.  They want to see the personal side.  They are looking for more than a sales pitch on social media.  Add additional value by personalizing what you can.

Give Back

Your social media messaging is geared towards engaging the community.  You want fans to comment and share your content.  When they do this, it’s important to stay in the conversation.  By engaging online in this manner you will keep their attention in the long run.


Taking the time to find your audience and outline a strategy to ensure you are sending out customized and curated content.  Our Bootcamp does just that!



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customer service, customer experience, social media engagement
customer service, customer experience, social media engagement

Are your customers happy?

A recent study noted customers are increasingly reaching out and getting nothing in return which leads to 55% of customers having bad customer experience.  In the social media space, seeing that either 1 in 5 pre-purchase or 1 in 3 post-purchase have a bad experience doesn’t need to happen.  Hopefully you are responding and engaging your customers, otherwise you are handing sales and money to your competition.

Your company is social (and if not, you should be) so you have to remember it’s a 2-way street.  Your customers want to show off your company to their friends, but if you are one of the company’s providing that bad customer experience, why would they?

Respond back on Social Media

Making sure notifications hit your phone, email, etc. as people engage one of your social media platforms is key.  Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, just jump in and respond.  A twitter response that takes more than an hour could have up to a 50% decrease in brand loyalty.  While there are exceptions to the hour time frame, if your business is open or holds regular hours, the response time should easily be within the hour during regular hours.

Customers are people and people appreciate being heard and being responded to.  I’ve had countless brands and companies engage me when I mention them on social media.  For Twitter, even a favorite can do the trick.  On Facebook, a like.  Certainly if you have the ability to respond and answer a question, you just increased your customers love for your company.

Keep customers happy and engaged.  Provide great content to share with your audience, and make sure they are heard online.  If you are in need of a review or Q&A with myself, let me know!



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customer experience, client relations, happy
customer experience, client relations, happy

Are you making sure your clients are happy?

Are your clients happy?

We want to make sure clients are happy!  Clients are the biggest promoters of any business.  When results and work are followed through, clients will say awesome things to the right people.  If something doesn’t go as planned, or totally wrong; they will tell everyone and anyone who will listen to them.

What are some ways you can ensure they are happy

  • Listen!!!  I can’t stress this enough, take notes, understand the business, and use their vision as a roadmap for creativity.  If you can’t relate to them, their business, or their ideas; you should think twice about working with them.  There is nothing wrong when it’s not a good fit.  You can’t work with everyone.  As a bonus, have a couple of people in your back pocket to refer in that instance.


  • Research.  I’m a firm believer that by not having a background in your industry, someones outside perspective can be refreshing.  Outsiders won’t think like the industry.  They are looking and researching your industry from a different perspective and pulling specific information that can enhance your marketing image.


  • Think outside the box.  While you want to ensure you are giving the client what they want, you still want to wow them.  If you are going to take creative freedoms, make sure you can fully articulate the reasoning and follow through with your idea.  And when those times come up that your idea get’s turned down, don’t take a negative reaction.  Understand the reasoning to grow.


Armed with a couple of quick tools, working with (almost) any client can be a breeze as well as a rewarding experience for both parties!  Do you have success for not so successful tips?



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