social media, social media advocates, customer expereince
social media, social media advocates, customer expereince

Leverage your employees social connections

Are you wanting to engage and empower your staff to becomes social media advocates for the company?  Leveraging your team can be a powerful way to increase engagement and reach on social media.  First, you have to lay a foundation of policies and procedures to ensure your staff represent your company in a positive light.

Social Media Guidelines

Your first step is developing an outline of expectations.  Don’t assume your employees know how to use social media.  Provide context behind why they are posting, what language to use, and how to handle various situations.  Don’t discourage employees who aren’t on social media or choose not to participate.

Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms where employees can create relationships with clients.  If your company uses Google Apps, then all your employees have access to a Google+ Page and YouTube channel.  When building out your businesses digital marketing and content strategy, how can employees add value?

Social Relationships

Your staff should be creating social connections through these platforms.  They get to know their clients on a more personal level to start providing additional information and connections which may not directly affect your business, but have long term benefits.

Provide your employees with the tools to succeed on social media.  Put management tools in place designed for multiple accounts and users so it becomes an internal online community.

Social Proof

Use social media to showcase company culture and what’s happening around the office.  By sharing company culture from an employee’s perspective, it gives social proof to clients and potential new hires the value you bring to the table.



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Customer Experience, social media, marketing strategy
Customer Experience, social media, marketing strategy

Are you paying attention to the Customer Experience?

We all want to find those loyal fans that will take in all our marketing collateral and share it with the world.  And consumers want to be showered with great content they can use.  It’s a win-win right?

When you use social media for personal reasons, what do you value?  As a business, you have to look at social media from both angles to get a clear understanding of what you need to send out as a business.  As the students point out in their assessment of social media management for themselves, they had a couple of great takeaways that can be effective in your business social media.


Customers are looking for valuable content to absorb.  They need to have a handful of go-to sources of information for various reasons.  The question to you and your business is how can you ensure they use you for that information?  When thinking about your audience to generate content, you can start to learn what they value and over time, the content generation will get easier.

Personality & Personalized

Having the mentality ‘all work and no play’ on social media won’t get you far with your fans.  They want to see the personal side.  They are looking for more than a sales pitch on social media.  Add additional value by personalizing what you can.

Give Back

Your social media messaging is geared towards engaging the community.  You want fans to comment and share your content.  When they do this, it’s important to stay in the conversation.  By engaging online in this manner you will keep their attention in the long run.


Taking the time to find your audience and outline a strategy to ensure you are sending out customized and curated content.  Our Bootcamp does just that!



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marketing, hoover vacuum, generational marketing
marketing, hoover vacuum, generational marketing

Example of 1950’s era marketing. Does that fit with today?

Did you know to market to different generations effectively, multiple marketing messages and campaigns need to be running?  Each generation is going to have it’s own way of absorbing and processing information from your business.  As I’ve talked about who your idea client is, it then moves into what marketing channels they use and trust.  How can your business then be front of mind to your ideal clients?

Know the Audience to be Effective

From a marketing perspective in today’s world, you have to not only know your client, but know how to market to them effectively.  While everyone will value a personalized message, the younger generations almost expect this of your business.

New Technologies and Ways to Market Your Business

While your shift should be towards mobile and social media marketing as goes the trend, you can’t be broad sweeping in making changes or how you use any new technology or platform.  There are still clients that will only find you through traditional advertising/marketing means, if they are part of your target audience.  Adding in a new component to to test the waters is certainly a great idea.  Maybe those new ideas stick around long term.

By making this switch to mobile/social marketing, there becomes a whole new set of parameters and rules to being effective.  So many of these new tools have the ability to get very specific in targeting who you are reaching and even personalizing the message.  The fact is you pay attention to those points will give you a competitive advantage.


The first steps in taking on this new adventure can start with our help!  We’ll sit down to help outline your audience, where they are online, how they value their marketing, and then start building a strategy to attracting them!



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customer experience, client relations, happy
customer experience, client relations, happy

Are you making sure your clients are happy?

Are your clients happy?

We want to make sure clients are happy!  Clients are the biggest promoters of any business.  When results and work are followed through, clients will say awesome things to the right people.  If something doesn’t go as planned, or totally wrong; they will tell everyone and anyone who will listen to them.

What are some ways you can ensure they are happy

  • Listen!!!  I can’t stress this enough, take notes, understand the business, and use their vision as a roadmap for creativity.  If you can’t relate to them, their business, or their ideas; you should think twice about working with them.  There is nothing wrong when it’s not a good fit.  You can’t work with everyone.  As a bonus, have a couple of people in your back pocket to refer in that instance.


  • Research.  I’m a firm believer that by not having a background in your industry, someones outside perspective can be refreshing.  Outsiders won’t think like the industry.  They are looking and researching your industry from a different perspective and pulling specific information that can enhance your marketing image.


  • Think outside the box.  While you want to ensure you are giving the client what they want, you still want to wow them.  If you are going to take creative freedoms, make sure you can fully articulate the reasoning and follow through with your idea.  And when those times come up that your idea get’s turned down, don’t take a negative reaction.  Understand the reasoning to grow.


Armed with a couple of quick tools, working with (almost) any client can be a breeze as well as a rewarding experience for both parties!  Do you have success for not so successful tips?



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