content marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, social media, sales funnel
content marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, social media, sales funnel

Get and keep customers with marketing.

Sales Touch Points

More than creating content for your customers, the content provides them with more and more chances to interact with your business.  In any sales funnel, there are multiple touch points any customer has to go through before making a purchase.

There are plenty of studies and statistics showing it takes buyers multiple times seeing your business and interacting with the business to turn into a sale.  The ability now is determining what those interactions are.

So what are some content pieces you can start curating internally giving customers information and a reason to interact with your business?

  • Posting on social media:  Keep your business front of mind with engaging content your ideal customer is looking for online.  Make sure the content offers people a reason to head back to your website.


  • A free e-book:  There’s aspects about your industry and business that can be broken down into a ‘top 10’ or ‘best practices’ or ‘trends’.  This content becomes hidden behind an email sign-up form and the book becomes a lead generation.


  • Host a contest on social media:  Do you have something you can offer?  Maybe you are trying to reach a goal in your audience numbers.  Using a 3rd party app on Facebook or other social media platforms, you can monitor, collect leads, and pick a winner.


  • Host a webinar:  You’ve been spending all this time generating leads, gathering emails and customers through all this content.  Now take all those leads and give them an opportunity to buy a new product you’ve created.


All of this work is predicated on knowing your Ideal Customer.  If you don’t have customer profiles, download our free e-book to create those.

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mobile marketing, customer experience, social media marketing
mobile marketing, customer experience, social media marketing

How are you reaching Customers in Mobile Marketing?

Online eCommerce and shopping has become the norm.  The process to buy online has also been simplified.  With marketing being built around content for maximum affect, you have to start merging the gap between marketing and purchasing.

Mobile Marketing

Technology is making it easier to buy quickly and with less friction.  Friction breaks down to steps taken completing a transaction.  More steps and the conversion rate to final sale drops after each step.  Now companies are making one & two click purchases easy within their advertising.

One-Click Buying

Your content marketing has to consider the one click buy now.  Pinterest is a perfect example.  Most of the purchase process is done within Pinterest and little to no interaction with the businesses actual online store.

Is Your Marketing Mobile-Friendly?

What does your marketing look like now to drive purchases and first buys directly from other channels?  You have to remember the first buys are the hardest sells, after that they know and like your product.  So this mind-set is a good starting point.  When thinking about marketing, pay attention to factors you use in attracting those first time buyers.  Incorporate them into the one/two click purchase social advertising for maximum impact with repeat buyers.

Remember to keep your ‘sales’ chatter to an even balance.  Social Media still isn’t about direct selling, but more creating the brand awareness and lifestyle around your company customers will embrace.  When the hard sell comes out in advertising, you are not going to have the results you wanted.

Start working towards a strategy with long term planning for everything coming in marketing!





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facebook, facebook marketing, social media marketing
facebook, facebook marketing, social media marketing

The biggest social media marketing tool, it still requires lots of work

Facebook has evolved over the years.  And again another algorithm update changes the way marketers can be effective in getting content to their fans.  As marketers and marketing managers, it’s important to have a strong foundation to be successful in the long term as Facebook continues to update the algorithm.

Any Facebook strategy now requires some sort of monetary budget to supplement quality content.  The options vary based on your exact outcome, but the goal is to drive more potential clients to your page, to see you post, and ultimately off Facebook and to your website.  It’s setting up these ad channels and watching them to adjust in real time that helps grow your reach and engagement.

The recent update put a damper on the like option.  Likes help your social proof, however they aren’t as boost worthy towards the algorithm as they once were.  Social proof refers to the ripple effect your fans have by liking and engaging your post, thereby giving outsiders to your company reassurance your information is valuable enough to follow as well.

You want to focus on content, strategy, and long term campaigns to be effective.  You can’t go into Facebook without a game plan.  It will show and your analytics will also show that fact.  Curating quality content that fans will be more likely to share themselves.  Think about what the end goal is of someone seeing your Facebook page and status updates.



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digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media
digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media

What social and digital marketing tools does your business use?

Digital Marketing may seem like it has no personal connection to your customers, but in reality, it’s one of the best ways to keep a personal connection with them.  Selling to someone once doesn’t mean they will remember you the next time.  You have to engage them and make them feel like a valuable customer over and over.

Email Marketing

How often do you check your email in a day?  How many of those newsletters do you open even if you don’t like ‘junk mail’?  Email Marketing is still a powerful tool in your marketing efforts.  It gives you the ability to share exact information you want the reader to see and offer a direct ways for them to said information.  Just remember to add their name into the email.

Social Media Customer Service

For some companies, it’s easier to get an answer on social media vs. sitting on the phone.  As we check our emails multiple times a day, we are on social media multiple times a day.  So if they start asking questions or acknowledging your presence on social media, you want to make sure and engage with them.  In sales, you have to make multiple attempts to hook someone, commenting on social media counts as multiple attempts in one action.

Online Community

Generating content online about your brand and industry is key to staying top of mind for customers and search.  This starts to form an online community of readers who value your insight.  This can be taken further by creating a special area for super fans that might include free samples or asking for direct feedback on new items before you release to the public.

With numerous ways to engage online, it gives you the ability to connect personally without having to knock on doors.  Just make sure you have a game plan before diving in.



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customer experience, social media, effective management
customer experience, social media, effective management

Do you have an effective way to manage all your clients?

Social media is meant to enhance the customer experience, not replace.  Social media is another expense in your business, but it shouldn’t come at a cost to other services.  Especially when it comes to your customers!

Your customer service and experience is still the number one reason that continues to grow your business.  Taking care of them builds a peer review system that elevates your business.  Social media comes in to enhance this experience.

Reaching and Engaging Your Customers

Chances are there are various ways in which you communicate with your clients.  As you add new channels for this purpose, you can’t ignore the ones you already have in place.  Pick communication channels based on what you can handle in your business and where your customers are.

It’s important to know about new marketing opportunities for your business, but don’t take on more than you can handle.  Over extending yourself unfortunately has a negative effect on customer experience.  Don’t assume that by having social media, you can ignore customer request from other sources they are use to.

Managing your Marketing

Make sure you balance your team and budget.  It’s about overall success, not chasing what is new or what everyone else is doing.  As you grow, ensure that everyone on your team knows what expectations are moving forward.  Keep track of how your growth will enhance your experience with your customer as well as their experience with your business.

Let us work with you on an audience analysis so you know where to be marketing!






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digital marketing, marketing strategy, hire a digital marketing company
digital marketing, marketing strategy, hire a digital marketing company

Are you being effective in what you say online?

Noticed I didn’t say hire.  Each business is unique, which is the best part about building a digital marketing strategy for your company.  If you aren’t familiar with the in’s and out’s of digital marketing or social media, then you should think about bringing someone in to set up a strategy your business can flourish with.

Long Term Plan

A long term plan is critical for your business success.  Just as you wrote out a business plan, a marketing strategy is key.  If you aren’t integrating all aspects of your business with your marketing, you can be missing out on additional revenue.  As consultants, we come in and build that strategy plan as well as help you implement and understand.

Time Management

While in fact you can spend the time researching, building out the plan, implementing yourself; why?  Your time is valuable and most suited on what you’re great at!  Leave other details to professionals as well.  Social Media & Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be time consuming.  There are plenty of tricks you can utilize yourself to be effective in your marketing message and campaigns.  We make sure you have and know those tools.


It changes constantly, and by bringing in someone to work with your company for a couple months, they know what you need.  They know the foundation of each platform as well as up to date information.  Having the foundation to any social media platforms allows you to adapt effectively and build upon while remaining relevant.

Customers and consumers are increasingly savvy shoppers and loyal to brands they like.  Give them plenty of reasons to show off how much they love your product or service!



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social media marketing, business start-up, stand out in marketing
social media marketing, business start-up, stand out in marketing

Don’t blend in!

The entrepreneurial bug bit and you want to start a business.  I’ll be the first one to tell you “awesome” and then start asking you questions.  I’ve learned a thing or two along the way myself, so I know I am relatable to that initial excitement.

Easy Set-up

With modern technology, it’s easy to build a website, set up social media accounts and then say ‘OK, I’m ready to make money and for everyone to see what I have to offer’.  Hopefully you realize it take a bit more effort.  You’re going to spend lots of time organizing, writing plans, and finding your ideal client.

What I find most often though, setting up a social media and digital marketing strategy is also part of the long term doesn’t happen.  This is where a disconnect happens as your business starts to grow, but you don’t have a plan to keep your social media moving forward.  So often it gets left behind and by not being active on a public platform is worse.

Making your mark on social media

Your business has one key component allowing it to stand out from anyone else…YOU!  Social media is more than advertising and sales, it’s the personal touch people value.  This allows you to resonate and connect with your audience.  The personal touch allows for a chance to tailor your marketing message around your story and relate it to your customer needs.  Having that list of ideal clients is key to formulating a successful social media and digital marketing strategy.

Before jumping into that new business venture, let’s chat about how The Fresh Idea Group can lend a hand making that part of the process much easier.



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