visual marketing, social media marketing, social media apps, digital marketing
visual marketing, social media marketing, social media apps, digital marketing

Are visuals part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s time for your marketing messages and digital content to go visual!  Whether a photo or video, these post have higher engagement and reach among your followers.  So why and how can you be more effective with creating these visual options?

Visual Digital Marketing Strategy

Look at your marketing strategy as well as your products and services.  What aspects can you turn into a video for a social post, tutorial, or introduction?  Surely if a visual can enhance what you are marketing online, it’s best to do it!  Think about how your ideal customer will engage with the content.  You can also look to what others do for inspiration.

Content Reach and Engagement

Getting your content seen on social media channels is starting to get more challenging if you are a small business trying to manage it on your own.  Even full service marketing teams are working hard to stay in front of their fans.  Visuals have automatically be known to have a higher reach.  Facebook now has it’s own video service built in.  So by using it, the statics already show you’ll have a higher reach.

One way to maximize your visual efforts is with text overlays.  For Facebook, videos will start automatically without sound.  If you have text attached, it’s more likely to get the message across.  Photos can be enhanced with Text overlays as long as the photos purpose gets across.  Text can be another way to create call to actions helping to move customers along in a sales funnel.


There are plenty of tools out there to help create your visual content and services.  Make sure your Social Media Marketing Strategy is moving forward with lots of visual components to it!



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facebook, facebook marketing, social media marketing
facebook, facebook marketing, social media marketing

The biggest social media marketing tool, it still requires lots of work

Facebook has evolved over the years.  And again another algorithm update changes the way marketers can be effective in getting content to their fans.  As marketers and marketing managers, it’s important to have a strong foundation to be successful in the long term as Facebook continues to update the algorithm.

Any Facebook strategy now requires some sort of monetary budget to supplement quality content.  The options vary based on your exact outcome, but the goal is to drive more potential clients to your page, to see you post, and ultimately off Facebook and to your website.  It’s setting up these ad channels and watching them to adjust in real time that helps grow your reach and engagement.

The recent update put a damper on the like option.  Likes help your social proof, however they aren’t as boost worthy towards the algorithm as they once were.  Social proof refers to the ripple effect your fans have by liking and engaging your post, thereby giving outsiders to your company reassurance your information is valuable enough to follow as well.

You want to focus on content, strategy, and long term campaigns to be effective.  You can’t go into Facebook without a game plan.  It will show and your analytics will also show that fact.  Curating quality content that fans will be more likely to share themselves.  Think about what the end goal is of someone seeing your Facebook page and status updates.



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social media, social media icons, keyboard
social media, social media icons, keyboard

What social media channels are you on?

Don’t be stuck on Social Media

Everyone gets stuck on ‘I don’t know what to post?’.  Even marketers have moments requiring them to regroup.  Here’s what you can do right now to get yourself in a mindset to be social media savvy.  Take these 4 steps and 30 minutes (or maybe longer) of time to schedule social media updates for the week.

1.  Stop thinking about it

Take 5 and walk away.  Shut the lid on your laptop, silence your phone, walk away from both.  Move around, stretch, and get away from staring at the computer.  Nothing good comes from just staring at your computer (the past is an indicator of that).  This quick refresher to the brain can work just about anytime you are stuck.

2.  Use a familiar writing tool

Pull up a spreadsheet or document to start writing status updates.  I’ll do this when creating a quick series of tweets or updates.  By writing them all out in one spot I can see variations to create multiple messages.  Make sure to include links, #, @, etc. when writing out.  Once you upload, you might have to make a few adjustments.  You can also save the document with the project to reference back to.

3.  Copy and Paste!

If you are using HootSuite Pro, you can upload your excel (.csv) file in the proper format and that’s it!  If you are using TweetDeck, HootSuite (free), or Facebook itself, just copy paste the message, if needed updates the tagging (noted above), and schedule away!

4.  Reward Yourself

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s you have to acknowledge the little things.  The more positive encouragement you give yourself, the easier a task becomes!  A task may be mundane, but at least you have a system to complete them quickly and effectively.


What are some of your go-to systems to succeeding?  Could you implement this quick system to other parts of your day?



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social media, marketing,
social media, marketing,

Building a Social Media Plan

When you started your company, chances are you create a mission statement, brand statement, or guiding principles that you follow to move your company forward.  These items are also needed as you build out a social media strategy.  That strategy should also take into account who your audience is and the different social media platforms you engage.  Make sure the message adds value to your audience.

Your Social Media Message fits the Platform

LinkedIn is for business, Facebook is your brand through visuals and call-to-actions, Twitter loves hashtags, Pinterst is all about the visuals, etc..  While there are variables to this list, you get the idea that you have to make sure what you send out is for the audience intended.  While you can say the same thing on all platforms, you have to tweak the message to fit.

Don’t link Accounts to ‘Save Time’

Facebook and Twitter will promote you should link your account, you shouldn’t.  By having your Facebook updates go to Twitter, all you show your Twitter followers is a link to Facebook.  You should take the few extra minutes to craft a message for each.  And if you aren’t able, don’t sign up for another platform until you are ready.


While it take a little extra time, crafting a message for the individual platforms, you will capture a higher engagement.  We are here to help!  Whether strategy or management, let us show you how to make social media marketing manageable and effortless.



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Social Media Time Savers

As small business owners, we are constantly on the go and having to juggle multiple task.  So as Social Media’s role in your business increases, it becomes another task.  Not to worry, there are plenty of Social Media Time Savers out there.


  • Link a number of social media accounts to your dashboard and set up marketing campaigns.  Schedule the content out as far as you need to ensure your presence on social media is consistent.
  • Follow industry related topics and interest on your dashboard and join in the conversation quickly and effectively.


  • Automate parts of your twitter marketing by finding new customers who are already on twitter and asking questions.
  • Automatically send out incentives to increase your business services and offerings.


  • PostPlanner gets your Facebook marketing organized helping to post on a schedule. Organize multiple types of campaign and post types from the dashboard.
  • Take advantage of their library of content if you need help on what to post, or use that as a resource for your own content to create.


Social Media is a great enhancement to marketing, your business, and your brand.  So keep on it and don’t give up!  Our services are designed around making it easier for you to be effective and efficient.


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