blogging, blog, content marketing, digital marketing, social media
blogging, blog, content marketing, digital marketing, social media

Are you blogging?

If you are ready to jump into content marketing as a small business, setting up a solid foundation will give you lasting results.  When referring to content marketing, I’m talking about your website blog.  Your business is now becoming a news source for your ideal customer.

Once you start up the content marketing engine, you have to keep at it.  Taking these steps before you start will ensure you don’t run out of steam.

Content Marketing Steps

  • Set a schedule:  Find out what you (or your team) can manage.  You need to keep a consistent schedule day(s) of week and time(s).



  • Finding content:  Look at websites you use currently for reading content.  Set up Google Alerts around keywords and topics you are interested in.  Look for questions people are asking and answer them in a blog, then tell the person to check out what you wrote.


  • Linking rule of thumb:  In most blog post you write, there should be one internal and one external link.  Post will come up that require multiple, which is fine.



When working with clients, we talk about this as well as how to tie in your social media marketing efforts.  Let us know what we can do to help your business build a marketing strategy.


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customer experience, customer service, social media, ideal customer, marketing strategy
customer experience, customer service, social media, ideal customer, marketing strategy

Who are you Marketing to?

It’s time to use your analytics on social media to figure out more about your customers.  In order for marketing strategies to be highly effective in our social and technological world, you have to know more and more details.

Marketing messages have to be personalized and targeted for maximum effect.  How are you capturing this information and turning it around to your advantage?

Develop Your Social Media Customer

You can start to build a picture of someone by looking at their social media.  Who they follow as well as what they post online plays into learning more about the customer.  These details play into the emotional side of a person.  Their opinions can start to be outlined which can lead you to think about how they might perceive your products or services.

How much money someone has or would spend on products and services can be told through social media profiles.  Going back to pages and businesses they like, you don’t have to know what kind of car they drive, but you can infer.  This financial component is key in knowing who is capable of purchasing with you.

What habits do your customers have?  This is another find when looking through a customer on social media.  From something as simple as Starbucks frequency to travel.  Are they someone who values the ease of Starbucks?  Do they travel for work or pleasure?

Create Your Customer Profiles

All of these instances are ways of looking at your customer from their shoes to gather information that will help your business succeed at developing what they need

and want.  Check out our Customer Profile E-Book, a free download to help you build out your ideal customer!



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social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy
social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy

Keep track of your time and have a plan of attack.

One of the biggest issues around social media is time management.  How is all this time on social media having a positive effect on my business?  A common questions and statement you say often.  While there are lots of ways to get sucked into cat videos, going in with a plan can mean all the difference in the world.

To be effective on social media, you need to have a plan of attack and some time management skills in your back pocket.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will be a great way to organize your time.  This will act as a manual for target dates, goals, and help shape when you need to be on social media.  Your strategy allows you to schedule content ahead of time and know when to monitor and engage in comments.

There are plenty of platforms and services that assist in scheduling your marketing messages on the different platforms.  Combine this with smartphone apps.  Smartphone apps allow for push notifications.  As your fans and customers engage you, the app allows you to respond quickly.

Time Management

You already schedule meetings, lunches, and other activities on your calendar.  Social Media should be no different.  Reviewing your strategy, look at your goals and determine how often you should be on different platforms throughout the week.

When working with clients, we are sure to help them block out times for social media.  Taking into consideration customers, the different platforms, and their level of involvement in the platform.  One way to start this journey is by figuring out your ideal customer.  Download our e-book to help create customer profiles today!


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social media, hashtags, digital marketing, marketing strategy, social media management
social media, hashtags, digital marketing, marketing strategy, social media management

Are you being effective with Hashtags?

Marketing hashtags have become the norm whether they are personalized/customized to your business, for an event, or just general use.  With so much content generated by so many sources, you have to find a way to stand out from the rest.

Plan ahead with your Marketing hashtags

The strategy behind them can’t haphazard.  You want to put some thought into the details.  Look at what’s popular, look at how customers will interact and use ones you create.  What will it look like online when you launch a hashtag campaign?

Marketing considerations to remember:

  • Are you diving into the popular conversation?  This is a great way to grow your audience and increase your reach.  The popular hashtags used within your industry are full of experts and people asking questions.  It’s your job to enhance the conversation.


  • How does geography play into your business?  Areas, cities, states, etc. lend themselves to their own hashtags narrowing down the conversation.  Utilizing the geography aspect when relevant to your business or marketing message will help further get you in front of your target audience.


  • Are you having an event and want to find the conversation?  Event hashtags allow you to manage additional aspects of your event conversation.  Stay on top of monitoring all social media channels to make sure when things arise, you are able to respond quickly.


  • Are you ready to create your own?  This is a great way to create brand awareness and get customers to engage with you beyond just a simple transaction.  They will be more willing to share their story in conjunction with your product to their audience.


Be sure to give some thought on the matter before diving into a new strategy.  Your early planning will help you succeed in the long term.



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storytelling, marketing strategy, digital marketing
storytelling, marketing strategy, digital marketing

How can your business turn into a story?

Content marketing isn’t new, but the fancy title has companies large and small trying to get it right.  It’s changing the way B2B & B2C engage with each other.  It’s only going to get more personalized as more and more details and data are in the hands of marketers.

So why is content marketing so important and effective?

A big component is the story telling aspect.  Stories have been around for millennia and we are able to relate and understand them.  Your business has to turn into a story.  What’s that great novel about?  What are chapters and short stories within the novel going to touch on?

Marketing as Storytelling

This storytelling skill is sometimes best left to the journalist.  Marketing professionals are starting to understand the skill, but it’s a unique writing style.  Expanding on the content produced by your company in a story form will allow you to further connect with your customers and build a community.  They will be more likely to also share stories if they feel they can relate.

Finding this sweet spot isn’t easy, and take time and continued work on the messages you send out.  Marketers again have to add a new skill to their tool box in order to meet this new demand.  Especially if you don’t reach out and find a journalist to join your team.


Are you ready to tackle the project of creating a story board?  Think outside the box and look to your customers lifestyle.  Tie these key points together when creating a long term digital marketing and content strategy to ensure your company is ready to take on future marketing.



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Marketing goals, digital marketing targets, targeted marketing
Marketing goals, digital marketing targets, targeted marketing

What goals do you have for Digital Marketing

One question I always ask business owners about social media is why they are on ‘x’ platform.  Did they take the time to research the demographics of the platform or set up goals and milestones while they work to build a presence.  Most of the time these two steps didn’t happen and thus social media frustration sets in for a business owner and they move on to something else.

Social Media Posting Goals

Let’s all take a moment and start setting goals.  Stop posting information haphazardly on social media with the expectation of getting a measurable return.  Two big things that don’t happen on social media:  Asking questions and Creating Call-to-Actions.  These tones in the marketing message give customers a reason to do something and get customers to start creating the conversation.

The conversation on social media is to get your audience engaged and wanting more.  Use your posting as a way to gather information about your customers and better your products and services.  If you know what you are looking for, you have somewhere to focus.

Measuring and Analytics

By knowing what to look for in your digital marketing, you can see the ROI and have tangible information to work with.  These goals are also helpful when you are getting either your team involved or outsourcing your marketing efforts.

Eliminate wasted time on social media when you have action items.  Get a strategy and stick with it!  Those are what we do best.  Does your business have one?



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content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing


content marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing

Content Marketing is a constant upkeep

Creating content takes a thoughtful eye and lots of energy, however the payoff can be completely worth it.  Content with all the right bells and whistles is something that has to be done over and over.  Content marketing and any marketing is a long game that needs constant attention and nurturing.

Why Content Marketing

So why is this a big puzzle piece these days?  In our increasing digital world, you are constantly vying for attention from consumers.  What do they like and what do they want to share.  What are they sharing now?

You already have your ideal customer outlined and profiled, look at them on social media and see what they are sharing.  See your content being shared by them then create it.  Having sharable content is your golden ticket.

Content Sharing

Having people share your content is the ultimate boost in your organic reach online.  It also opens you up to new prospective clients.  When these prospective clients engage with your content, are they engaging the way you want them to?  You always want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward in any and all content you produce.

Are you structuring your content in a way that would entice someone to share it?  Think of useful information you would share from a company.  The great thing as a content producer is having the ability to look at what you do as a consumer for a vantage point you can utilize.  Flipping the vantage point gives a great boost to always having content on the back burner.



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