Snapchat has seen a surge in growth, users, and activity over a very short time-frame.  And if you think about it in the right context, it’s no wonder.  One of the biggest factors is the total immersion experience you have on the app.  Snapchat takes up the whole screen!  No distractions, no one else’s content; simply an experience with one individual at a time.

Why Personal Snapchat

Social media thrives on 2 very important emotions:  Attention & Emotion.  Regardless which side of the screen you are on, you’re either asking for of expecting these from your followers.  When you are on Snapchat, you are in it 100%.  Engaging with friends through visual and written content.  Being connected to people near and far and sharing in their lives gives us a feeling of being there.  Of learning and growing with someone.

The other component to this is Time.  On one side, you want to consume information on your time.  It’s how the world runs now.  In Snapchat’s case, time is a deadline.  The public stories we are creating and building come at a catch.  24 hours.  Users have to continue to come back to the platform in order to keep up with their followers on Snapchat.

This is a goldmine for Snapchat, but also for the businesses who understand the market.

Why Business Snapchat

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You need to ask two very important questions before starting your marketing strategy:  What are your business goals and who is your ideal customer.  With very few (far and few) exceptions, any and every business should be looking at Snapchat and the future role it plays in their marketing strategy.

Your customers are there.  People who are your potential customer are there.  Why aren’t you incorporating your business into their daily lives?  Translating the unique characteristics of your brand can only enhance the ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor.  This is key in creating enormous loyalty from your customers.  Here’s just a small sampling of strategies your business can take advantage of:

  • Involve your team.  Let them showcase their perspective
  • Tell stories.  Through photos, video, drawing – make your products and services come to life
  • Engage your audience.  Respond back to their photos, question, etc.
  • Showcase client success stories

There are countless other ways you can use Snapchat to your advantage grow your customer base and increase loyalty from your customers.

Snapchat GeoFilters

These are for anyone.  Throwing a party, hosting an event, wanting to engage your community?  Creating custom geofilters are  only going to increase.  As the name suggest, you are creating a filter that is targeted to specific locations.  While Snapchat has their own, you can further enhance your and your community experience by creating your own.

Questions about creating a geofilter?  Want help making your own?  Give us a yell and we are happy to help you design, create, and implement your filter.  Great option for a mitzvah, birthday, surprises, corporate or social event, weddings, and the list goes on.



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So, looking for something to do this weekend?  Download Snapchat and start playing.  There’s no right or wrong way.  It’s taking the action and doing it!  Need help, let me know your questions here, but better yet, interact with me on Snapchat for immersion lessons :).  Happy Snapping!

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digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media
digital marketing, tool kit, marketing strategy, social media

What social and digital marketing tools does your business use?

Digital Marketing may seem like it has no personal connection to your customers, but in reality, it’s one of the best ways to keep a personal connection with them.  Selling to someone once doesn’t mean they will remember you the next time.  You have to engage them and make them feel like a valuable customer over and over.

Email Marketing

How often do you check your email in a day?  How many of those newsletters do you open even if you don’t like ‘junk mail’?  Email Marketing is still a powerful tool in your marketing efforts.  It gives you the ability to share exact information you want the reader to see and offer a direct ways for them to said information.  Just remember to add their name into the email.

Social Media Customer Service

For some companies, it’s easier to get an answer on social media vs. sitting on the phone.  As we check our emails multiple times a day, we are on social media multiple times a day.  So if they start asking questions or acknowledging your presence on social media, you want to make sure and engage with them.  In sales, you have to make multiple attempts to hook someone, commenting on social media counts as multiple attempts in one action.

Online Community

Generating content online about your brand and industry is key to staying top of mind for customers and search.  This starts to form an online community of readers who value your insight.  This can be taken further by creating a special area for super fans that might include free samples or asking for direct feedback on new items before you release to the public.

With numerous ways to engage online, it gives you the ability to connect personally without having to knock on doors.  Just make sure you have a game plan before diving in.



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Did you remember all the steps in your marketing?

How many of you are on more than 3 social media platforms?  Like most business owners, you dove into various social media platforms head first.  Have you been measuring your engagement and ROI within the platform?  There are lot of details that go into successful social media/digital marketing strategies.  While hiring an in-house person or outside agency will provide the most successful path, there are tips and tricks you can do to maximize on a budget.  You can also have a strategy set up and outlined for your business as I do in my Bootcamp program.


Have you been on social media but don’t see results in your efforts?  What do those results even look like to your company?  Setting goals can help guide you.  If you have ideas of results to measure, great!  Test them out.  You can view the analytics on the social media platform or google analytics.


Need something to track for results – set up a campaign.  What is something in your business you want to promote and would be able to track?  Set up an outline, status updates, etc. around the product and different platforms you are promoting on.  Schedule and implement it, then watch the analytics and results.


This system (or however you set up a system) can be re-purposed in the same fashion to set-up a strategy for success on social media.  Sometimes looking at marketing from a different angle allows for understanding and ease.  As your business already runs on systems, you are just making new ones to mold into your work flow.



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twitter, tweeting, what to tweet
twitter, tweeting, what to tweet

Does your company Twitter stand out?

Before You Tweet

Twitter is fast paced which can be an amazing advantage or disadvantage if you aren’t careful.  Too often one wrong tweet will ruin a brand/company.  So how is it that Twitter is a a marketing gold mine if you can have everything backfire in 140 characters?  Lets go over what you can do to avoid the disadvantage of Twitter.

1. Does the tweet add value to your company?

When you send out a message, does it fall within your company guidelines?  Are you telling part of a larger story, sharing a product/service, providing customer service, etc.?  To post just for the sake of posting doesn’t help your company, you have to make sure there is something behind why you just hit the Tweet button.

2. Can you add something visual to stand out?

As with any social media messaging, if you can enhance your message with visuals, graphics, video; you’re far better off at capturing attention.  Maybe your company has a graphics person who creates images and watermarks them.  If you are a one person shop, sharing other images if they fit the story works.  And a great resource is Canva.

3. How is someone suppose to engage with the tweet?

Did you build in a reason for someone to engage with your tweet?  What do you ultimately want them to do with your message and with your company?  Having clear actionable goals and objectives in your overall marketing strategy ensures you give consumers a reason to retweet, favorite, click the link.

While twitter is face paced and you have to work the platform a lot to be noticed, there are time savers out there to assist.



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social media tips, social media fails
social media tips, social media fails

Do’s and Don’ts

Why Social Media?

A big reason why small businesses don’t follow through with social media is partly to blame on joining the platform, but not knowing why.  I hear a lot of business owners say because everyone else is or because their friend with a business said so.

  • Quality– Are you in it for yourself or your customers?  Customer focused content will beat out any other content.  If you aren’t helping them, why are they helping you?
  • Quantity– This ties in with Quality.  If you are just posting to post and hit a magical number, how does that help anyone?
  • Consistency– Social Media Marketing is a marathon and long game.  You have to keep at it and remain consistent.  This is key.
  • Analytics–  Do you know what you are looking for?  Do you know what you are measuring?

Tips to Effectiveness

Now, what are a few ways to help ease your mind and get you focused?

  • Block off time for social media posting.  All the platforms allow for scheduling, and then you just have to monitor between your posting blocks.
  • Get organized ahead of time and have a game plan.  Outline when you start a new platform and outline your posting schedule
  • Figure out ways to measure that make sense for your business.  Come up with a few points that you can quantify.

When all else fails, we have tools and systems that allow us to work with your business to get your organized and moving forward.  Starting is the best way to move forward.  Have you checked out our Bootcamp program to jump-start your Social Media Marketing?




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facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin
facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin

How much time is spent on social media platforms

For any client that I talk to, this is one of the big questions we talk about and find an answer to.  Is there a magic number?  No.  However there are plenty of ways to measure and adjust as you build out a strategy.  With all the social media platforms out there, each one has it’s own set of engagements and demographics to decipher.

Doing the research

When you sit down to understand who you are marketing to and using the engagement graphic in this post from Pew Research Center, you can start to put the marketing puzzle together.  Have you asked all the questions needed to find your ideal clients?  Chances are your ideal clients are on multiple platforms.  Gathering information ahead of time will make the long game of social media less daunting.  It can also be effective to outline your growth points as you look at all the research.

Moving Forward on Social Media

Armed with data and an outline, it’s time to start.  Best advice, what can you handle?  Once you start, you have to keep pace with your initial schedule.  Social Media becomes a marathon, so sprinting out of the gate isn’t effective.  You want to make sure your starting point is something you can keep up with and grow.  As the engagement grows, you’ll have more to post and be more motivated to keep going and adding more content.



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marketing, social marketing, customer expereince
marketing, social marketing, customer expereince

How is Your Marketing Message Getting Out There?

You Market for Someone Already

We all have our favorite article of clothing, or bathroom product, or that car we always wanted.  What is it about that specific product that has you so excited to tell everyone?  Whatever the case may be, you become the social marketing arm for that company, and you didn’t have to do anything!  Effective brands and company’s make it easy for you to share their products and services with your friends, family, and social network.  So what are some ways you can utilize this for your company?

  • Who doesn’t love something free?  There are companies out there that focus solely on promotional items.  If you get something, make sure you would use it as well.
  • Customize email marketing messages that not only reward loyal customers, the message is easy for them to share with their followers.
  • Utilize key words and phrases that entice your customers to want something:  Exclusive, VIP, Insider, etc.  Do they feel special?
  • Don’t be afraid to watch the competition.  Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Who knows, they do something that provides you with an idea you would have never thought of.

Think Outside the Marketing Box

Marketing has evolved so far from the radio and newspaper ad you once ran.  While some company’s still do (and I’m sure with measured success), if you are looking for inexpensive ways to marketing, provide the most amazing customer experience.

Have you thought about what your company and brand looks like to the world?  We would be happy to set up a time to chat with you further about how you can jump ahead of your competition.



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