Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing
Social media, B2B sales, Customer experience, digital marketing

Getting your B2B Sales team to think of Social Media

Your B2B sales team has hopefully been successful at adapting to the changing landscape of sales.  Social media has become an integral part of the process to learn about prospects and customers.  They are likely to share valuable information about themselves online which can help a sales team better manger the conversations.

Sales Conversations

It can be much easier to start sales conversations and relationships when you already have some background information on your prospects.  Getting your sales team on social media platforms or integrating with your CRM will only help your team.  The valuable information provided allows the sales team to share information targeted to the prospect.

What is your sales process?  What aspects already have personal touches or could use personal touches?  Marketing content from a business is built out as a resource to its customers.  Your sales team should be part of this process.  The personalized marketing shift needs to also shift within your sales team.

Personalize the Sales Process

Sales calls can be made easier by knowing personal aspects.  Using social media dashboards or data companies that aggregate personal information, you’ll learn a wealth of information.  Information that can make or break a sales call.

While sales and marketing teams will be focused on different goals, the information each needs and collects is integral to each others success.  Giving each team access to the other will help grow your company.

It all starts with knowing your ideal customer!  Start creating customer profiles so you know who you are talking to and looking for.

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marketing, hoover vacuum, generational marketing
marketing, hoover vacuum, generational marketing

Example of 1950’s era marketing. Does that fit with today?

Did you know to market to different generations effectively, multiple marketing messages and campaigns need to be running?  Each generation is going to have it’s own way of absorbing and processing information from your business.  As I’ve talked about who your idea client is, it then moves into what marketing channels they use and trust.  How can your business then be front of mind to your ideal clients?

Know the Audience to be Effective

From a marketing perspective in today’s world, you have to not only know your client, but know how to market to them effectively.  While everyone will value a personalized message, the younger generations almost expect this of your business.

New Technologies and Ways to Market Your Business

While your shift should be towards mobile and social media marketing as goes the trend, you can’t be broad sweeping in making changes or how you use any new technology or platform.  There are still clients that will only find you through traditional advertising/marketing means, if they are part of your target audience.  Adding in a new component to to test the waters is certainly a great idea.  Maybe those new ideas stick around long term.

By making this switch to mobile/social marketing, there becomes a whole new set of parameters and rules to being effective.  So many of these new tools have the ability to get very specific in targeting who you are reaching and even personalizing the message.  The fact is you pay attention to those points will give you a competitive advantage.


The first steps in taking on this new adventure can start with our help!  We’ll sit down to help outline your audience, where they are online, how they value their marketing, and then start building a strategy to attracting them!



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