facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin
facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, linkedin

How much time is spent on social media platforms

For any client that I talk to, this is one of the big questions we talk about and find an answer to.  Is there a magic number?  No.  However there are plenty of ways to measure and adjust as you build out a strategy.  With all the social media platforms out there, each one has it’s own set of engagements and demographics to decipher.

Doing the research

When you sit down to understand who you are marketing to and using the engagement graphic in this post from Pew Research Center, you can start to put the marketing puzzle together.  Have you asked all the questions needed to find your ideal clients?  Chances are your ideal clients are on multiple platforms.  Gathering information ahead of time will make the long game of social media less daunting.  It can also be effective to outline your growth points as you look at all the research.

Moving Forward on Social Media

Armed with data and an outline, it’s time to start.  Best advice, what can you handle?  Once you start, you have to keep pace with your initial schedule.  Social Media becomes a marathon, so sprinting out of the gate isn’t effective.  You want to make sure your starting point is something you can keep up with and grow.  As the engagement grows, you’ll have more to post and be more motivated to keep going and adding more content.



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twitter, facebook, social media marketing
twitter, facebook, social media marketing

Which social media platform suits your business

The question comes up often for a business owner or Solopreneur. For various reasons, you look into outsourcing social media as a way to keep content up on your social media channels. However, these days, it’s not enough to just post to the perspective platforms a few times a day.

Which Social Media Channels are you using?

What purpose did your business choose for the platforms you are on? Is your target demographic on that platform? If you aren’t clear, how can someone post on your behalf with clarity?

Why are you on Social Media?

What are you promoting within your business? What value add do you provide to your followers and fans on social media? Have you done something thus far that was (or wasn’t) effective in that goal?

Tracking Social Media Analytics

What are the data points that matter to your company? You should be looking to measure specific outcomes over a period of time. Those outcomes give you the information to grow.

Effective and customized social media management can have great returns to your company. You should expect your social media management company to be involved and know a significant amount of information about your business. These questions and more should be discussed prior to getting started which is the first step I take when talking to you about managing your social media! I would love to set up a time to go over how we can help!

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