Marketing goals, digital marketing targets, targeted marketing
Marketing goals, digital marketing targets, targeted marketing

What goals do you have for Digital Marketing

One question I always ask business owners about social media is why they are on ‘x’ platform.  Did they take the time to research the demographics of the platform or set up goals and milestones while they work to build a presence.  Most of the time these two steps didn’t happen and thus social media frustration sets in for a business owner and they move on to something else.

Social Media Posting Goals

Let’s all take a moment and start setting goals.  Stop posting information haphazardly on social media with the expectation of getting a measurable return.  Two big things that don’t happen on social media:  Asking questions and Creating Call-to-Actions.  These tones in the marketing message give customers a reason to do something and get customers to start creating the conversation.

The conversation on social media is to get your audience engaged and wanting more.  Use your posting as a way to gather information about your customers and better your products and services.  If you know what you are looking for, you have somewhere to focus.

Measuring and Analytics

By knowing what to look for in your digital marketing, you can see the ROI and have tangible information to work with.  These goals are also helpful when you are getting either your team involved or outsourcing your marketing efforts.

Eliminate wasted time on social media when you have action items.  Get a strategy and stick with it!  Those are what we do best.  Does your business have one?



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