social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy
social media time management, marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy

Keep track of your time and have a plan of attack.

One of the biggest issues around social media is time management.  How is all this time on social media having a positive effect on my business?  A common questions and statement you say often.  While there are lots of ways to get sucked into cat videos, going in with a plan can mean all the difference in the world.

To be effective on social media, you need to have a plan of attack and some time management skills in your back pocket.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy will be a great way to organize your time.  This will act as a manual for target dates, goals, and help shape when you need to be on social media.  Your strategy allows you to schedule content ahead of time and know when to monitor and engage in comments.

There are plenty of platforms and services that assist in scheduling your marketing messages on the different platforms.  Combine this with smartphone apps.  Smartphone apps allow for push notifications.  As your fans and customers engage you, the app allows you to respond quickly.

Time Management

You already schedule meetings, lunches, and other activities on your calendar.  Social Media should be no different.  Reviewing your strategy, look at your goals and determine how often you should be on different platforms throughout the week.

When working with clients, we are sure to help them block out times for social media.  Taking into consideration customers, the different platforms, and their level of involvement in the platform.  One way to start this journey is by figuring out your ideal customer.  Download our e-book to help create customer profiles today!


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Social Media Time Savers

As small business owners, we are constantly on the go and having to juggle multiple task.  So as Social Media’s role in your business increases, it becomes another task.  Not to worry, there are plenty of Social Media Time Savers out there.


  • Link a number of social media accounts to your dashboard and set up marketing campaigns.  Schedule the content out as far as you need to ensure your presence on social media is consistent.
  • Follow industry related topics and interest on your dashboard and join in the conversation quickly and effectively.


  • Automate parts of your twitter marketing by finding new customers who are already on twitter and asking questions.
  • Automatically send out incentives to increase your business services and offerings.


  • PostPlanner gets your Facebook marketing organized helping to post on a schedule. Organize multiple types of campaign and post types from the dashboard.
  • Take advantage of their library of content if you need help on what to post, or use that as a resource for your own content to create.


Social Media is a great enhancement to marketing, your business, and your brand.  So keep on it and don’t give up!  Our services are designed around making it easier for you to be effective and efficient.


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